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Team Fortress invites you to make love and war

From Team Fortress with love..and war... because TF2 people are crazy in the head and when left alone for too long they come up with all kinds of crazy. The Love and War update brings new moves, weapons, a dance routine, a headbutt and this... toss a Pyro up in the air for funsies.

TF2 flip.JPG

Okay, okay, not just a Pyro, you can toss anyone, even The Heavy, all you need is the open skies and a helping hand.

Some of the most notable love and war routines include:

  • Dance Like No One's shooting at You - fix your grib and grab some hips
  • SQUARE DANCE - An old fashioned barn dance
  • SKULL CRACKER - For the Merc who has everything - give the gift of a concussion
  • FLIP - All you need is a wide-open sky and a helping hand
  • ROCK! PAPER! SCISSORS! - The Team Fortress Way


The weapons/gear of love and war

  • The Back Scatter
  • The Tied Turner
  • The B.A.S.E. Jumper
  • The Air Strike
  • The Bread Box
  • The self-aware beauty mark
  • The Snack Attack
  • Mutated Milk

Unlock the love and war achievements

  • U-turn
  • Emergency Break
  • Back 2 Back
  • Running with scissors
  • Party Crasher
  • Flip-Kebab

Check out all the craziness here.

Valve also releases two crazy love and war videos that you simply cannot miss. No really, your life will forever-be-in-want of you don't watch these. Last but not least, remember Team Fortress 2 is freaking free-to-play and MWEB GameZone hosts a couple of servers filled with awesome TF2 people. Download TF2 for free today!


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