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Top 5 video game songs

Music has the ability to bring people together, it surpasses the barriers of age, race and gender. Everyone loves music. Music in video games create atmosphere, can serve as narrator and it also reminds us of the good times we had when playing a specific game. Here is my list of 5 top songs and/or soundtracks from the games I have played that have made a game or a scene so much more than just a passing experience.

1. GTA V – Favored Nations – The Setup

2. Watch Dogs – Machine Gun Kelly – Invincible

3. Painkiller – Soundtrack

4. World of Warcraft – The Full OST

5. Gears of War 3 – Mad World – Launch video Soundtrack

Whilst it is in no particular order, each has contributed to how I have played these games. The last, GoW3, Mad World, definitely intrigued me even though I had heard the song many years prior. In my opinion, a game can be made or hashed through the soundtracks within it. Now it may not define the overall result of the game, the collaboration of music in a game can truly make or break levels within the game. I am sure that many of us share this sentiment, and that perhaps some of you have a different view on music in gaming. Whatever it is, sometimes when playing through a scene, that one song that plays either gets your feet tapping, or invokes the atmosphere of the scene more so than any design in the game itself.

Outlast is a good example of this, you can check it out, but it's not for the faint-hearted.

However you embrace a game, the music and soundtracks give the sense of involvement, adding to the storyline and ambience of elements within the story. Sometimes, you have an unequivocal stance of the consequences or effect that music has in a game.

What does music in gaming bring to your experience when playing? Is it essential that a game is as good as its soundtrack? Is there a song, which plays in your head, long after you completed the final scene? Has a soundtrack ever swayed you to buy a game?

Battlefield Hardline anyone?

What song or soundtrack defined a game you absolutely loved?

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