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Sneak Peek at Carmageddon's new Eagle

I didn't play racing games much, but I was always a fan of Carmageddon. I played them all, but thinking about it now, I'd have wished I'd never even really seen the second or third incarnations of the game. To me, the original Carma and its Splat-pack addon was Carma, Carma 2 was meh at best, and the third game, well, was... lets just not even go there.

I was very excited about the announcement of the reboot by Stainless a few months back and have been eager regarding substantial news regarding its development. I was alerted to a post on nobby's blog by the guys over at RPS regarding the new, shiny updated Eagle - the standard starting car in Carmageddon. Fans of the original game will no doubt remember my old favourite:


Subsequent variations and updates to the model as game editions progressed weren't as cool as the original - I liked the  giant blade on top, even it didn't directly help with the excessive carnage. The current lead artist has brought out some interesting concept art to try and capture the feel of the original which is eye-catching:


But when one of the original concept artists contacted nobby, and forwarded him his idea, which is definately ooh-la-la!


And promply implemented into their protoype engine:



I'm hoping for an awesome reboot of a game I adored playing many, many moons ago, and even though one can see that alot of work still needs to be done, the future is looking promising, and virtual streets full of carnage and wrecked opponents!

Thanks to the guys over at RPS for the alert 

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