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Discover Craglorn: TESO's First Adventure Zone

For me personally, the most important aspect of any massively multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) is the end-game content. It is the culmination of everything I worked for while progressing to level cap. It's the ultimate test of my skills, my ability to work within a group and it determines the longevity of the game. World of Warcraft has raids, The Elder Scrolls Online has Adventure Zones and Trials.


Map of Craglorn

According to the Tamriel Journals, TESO's first adventure zone, called Craglorn is now open for discovery. There is one major difference between adventure zones and raids - no boss. Adventure zones will be very much like the rest of Tamriel, except enemies will be harder to kill and the zone is scattered with public dungeons.

This is what you can expect in Craglorn:

  • Very large dungeons with stories & quests guiding you through them.
  • Craglorn will include events similar to Dark Anchors, but they will be much more difficult than your standard Dark Anchor encounters.
  • A full storyline of quests.Extra crafting opportunities (possibly more crafted item sets?).
  • “Lots of other little events”.
Say what you want about World of Warcraft, Blizzard knows how to give a proper end-game challenge. Why would players continue to play TESO if end game is just more of the same? Don't despair just yet, Bethesda's answer to raids are 12-man Trials.

"Trials include a staging area where you group can take a look at the situation and plan ahead in order to rush through the enemies as quickly as possible. The staging area will no doubt prove useful, because Trials include leaderboards. That’s right – Trials will have some form of ladder. The aim is to complete the Trial as quickly as possible. Your group is competing against the clock, and mistakes, such as player deaths, will add a time penalty."

It seems that adventure zones prepare you for Trials, you won't face a boss but you'll have to do a speedrun through various mobs. 

Check out the Craglorn announcement trailer. What's your take on TESO's end-game content? I stopped playing Star Wars the Old Republic because the end-game content wasn't satisfying, let's hope TESO will not make the same mistakes.

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