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Watch_Dogs Chicago - A city filled with individuality and dynamism

Watch_Dogs is still nearly two months away from release, but Ubisoft isn't slowing its hype train by any measure. Case in point, the publisher have released a new trailer for the game that plays out a lot like one of this tourism videos, except it doesn't gloss of the seedy parts of town.

A city filled with individuality and dynamism

As the video's title suggested, 'Welcome to Chicago' is a showcase of the game's environment. Open world games aren't new, and the phrase 'a living, breathing world' has often been used to describe them, but no where is that phrase more applicable than with Watch_Dogs.

Via all the candid, documentary film-style shots, one thing the video attempts to make abundantly clear is that Watch_Dogs' virtual Chicago is going about it's business whether you're paying attention or not. There's a level detail here - not just in terms of visuals, which are ridiculously gorgeous - but in terms of the goings on of the citizenry. Everyone looks as though they have something going on, whether that's as mundane as taking a walk to the shop, fooling with a radio controlled gyrocopter or as health conscious as yoga in the park. The people of Chicago are living their lives.

Also on show is a the weather and day/night cycles. It's not just a matter of darkening the colour palette come night time, the world transforms very organically to show off the transition.


But what's of real interest is the trailer's lofty claim of the individuality and dynamism of the city's residents. Each NPC is apparently unique and their life can be “hacked” which can reveal some kind of sub-mission. Those sub-missions could be that your target is a peeping tom snooping on his neighbour or it could be much more complicated than that. Hack into the wrong person's life and you could end up crossing the mob resulting in a bounty placed on you head. Or even more interestingly, a random citizen could possibly be another player encroaching in your game, via the game's seamless single player/multi-player system. 

If the claim is true, then this will be the most amazing thing ever. I suspect, however, that the reality of the situation will be less dynamic, likely 20/30 scenarios that will continuously repeat. With that said, if Ubisoft delivers on even just half of these promises then they'll still have a solid game on their hands.


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