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League of Legend's Team Builder is here to stay


Earlier this month we covered the League of Legends, Team Builder beta launch. The beta was a testing phase for community response with a strong focus on player choice when it comes queuing. It turns out the response was overwhelmingly positive, thus resulting in the full release of the game mode for everyone to enjoy. 

What is Team Builder? 

Team Builder lets you queue up for the specific champion, role and position you want to play, and connect with a team of four teammates who have  also chosen their preferred champion and role. With Team Builder, you can choose to build or find a team where everyone’s in agreement on what to play and where to go. All that’s left is to figure out together how you’ll dominate the opposition.

The process

Team Builder is a separate queue similar to blind pick normals. You’ll enter the Team Builder queue as a captain or as a solo player. It’s not replacing any of the existing queues and isn’t available for ranked. The Team Builder is a three phrase progression: 

  1. You select your champion
  2. You select your role 
  3. You find your team 

Champion select sets the tone of the game, and when you have a good champion select, you generally feel like you’re going to have a good match. With Team Builder, everyone comes into Champion Select with the champ and role they want to play, so teams can focus on strategy.


New Captain Role 

The new position as captain will allow you to take control of your team competition. This role can be selected before you search for a team. If you apply to be a captain of a team ,you will be able to remove players according to your preference. As a captain you can search for any composition that you want to test out: whether your strat calls for duo top, double jungle, adc-support mid or standard play. As a captain you decide how your team will play.  


Once your team mates are ready to join you in the fight you can get straight into finding an opposition team. 


The Team Builder adds a bit of diversity to the mechanics of League of Legends, which I am all for. Sometime you find that the game can get a bit stale when it comes to repeatedly trying to make your way up the ranked league. The Team Builder mode allows you to experience the game in a different way when it comes down to the captains decision. It also it great for players that want to learn one certain champion, instead of having to wait for their chance to pick. The biggest downfall to the mode, however, is that the waiting time for some games can be a bit lengthy but at least you wont be stuck playing support when you actually want to top lane. 

What are your thoughts on the new game mode? Do you think you will be playing it more than normal draft pick? 

Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter. 

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