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Afghanistan Soldiers Recreate Modern Warfare 2 Cover

We’ve all watched Generation Kill and realized that war in Afghanistan isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You’d suspect, from all the action movies and Call of Duty you play, that there’ll be a lot of on-rail shooting, impenetrable armour and a seemingly infinite number of weapons to shoot. Not to mention wild globetrotting and the chance to stop a nuclear bomb before it blows up the rest of known civilization, right?


There’s a lot of standing around, cleaning toilets and training to get that gas mask on even when chemical weapons are hard to come by in that region. Maybe it’s to protect you from an oil leak seeing as though you’re sitting on all that oil. Dangerous.

So what do you do when you’re sitting on your ass all day waiting to get your hands dirty? Well you make video game boxart of course! A Reddit user by the name of Travissimo (Italian for ‘AWESOME’ in all caps) uploaded an image him and his friend made in Afghanistan. It’s a replica of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 cover, Photoshopped extremely well for a bunch of lads in the middle of the desert.

Here’s the original photo they took:media:  


And here’s the final boxart next to the original boxart:


At least we now know what the Americans were doing in Afghanistan. They weren’t hunting for Osama, looking for oil, taking part in some wild Zeitgeist brain-diarrhea or even fighting for justice. No, they were taking art lessons with good tax payers cash. Hey, it’s better than actually killing people if you ask me...


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