32 Teams, $1 million prize pool - 2014 COD Championship

The teams are set, the battle-lines drawn - who will walk away with the title of Call of Duty World Champions, and of course, with the $1 million purse. Ladies and gentleman, meet the teams.

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Teams: entries per country

United States:

  1. Strictly Business
  2. CompLexity
  3. Team Kaliber
  4. FaZe
  5. EnVyUs
  6. Rise
  7. OpTic Gaming
  8. XFinity Gaming


  1. VexX Revenge
  2. WiLD Gaming


  1. Brazil 5 Stars
  2. SSOF Gaming

Rest of North/South America:

  1. Aztek Gaming (Mexico)


  1. TCM Gaming
  2. Epsilon Esports
  3. TEC Intensity
  4. Team Orbit


  1. Vitality Rises
  2. Vitality Returns


  1. Killerfish
  2. SK Gaming


  1. Reign Mix (Sweden)


  1. AllStars (Netherlands)


  1. Wizards


  1. Sublime

Rest of Europe:

  1. Lightning Pandas

South Africa:

  1. Team Rize ZA

United Arab Emirates:

  1. Klarity Team

South Korea:

  1. Nsp

Hong Kong/Taiwan/Singapore:

  1. Echelon (Singapore)

Australia/New Zealand:

  1. Trident T1dotters
  2. Immunity

32 Teams

TCM Gaming (UK) SSOF Gaming (Brazil)
Epsilon Esports (UK) Aztek Gaming (Mexico)
TEC Intensity (UK) Nsp (South Korea)
Team Orbit (UK) Trident T1dotters (Australia)
Vitality Rises (France) Immunity (Australia)
Vitality Returns (France) VexX Revenge (Canada)
Killerfish (Germany) WiLD Gaming (Canada)
SK Gaming (Germany) Echelon (Singapore)
Reign Mix (Sweden) Strictly Business (U.S.A.)
AllStars (Netherlands) CompLexity (U.S.A.)
Wizards (Spain) Team Kaliber (U.S.A.)
Sublime (Italy) FaZe (U.S.A.)
Lightning Pandas (EU) EnVyUs (U.S.A.)
Team Rize ZA (South Africa) Rise Nation (U.S.A.)
Klarity Gaming (UAE) OpTic Gaming (U.S.A.)
Brazil 5 Stars (Brazil) Xfinity Gaming (U.S.A.)

We have an interview scheduled with Team Rize before they leave, don't miss it. The Championship will take place in Los Angeles from 28-30 March. The event is hosted by Xbox and the Championship will be played on the Xbox One.

Who do you think will walk away with the title of the best Call of Duty team in the world?

Sources: Games Press / MLG


TCM Gaming, European Champions

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