Battlefield 4 Tips and Tricks - 5 underestimated gadgets

Battlefield 4 is all about diversity compared to other First-Person shooter (FPS) games. No other popular e-sports FPS title out there have the amount of choices given to you that Battlefield 4 offers because it has so much gadgets, weapons, attachments and even vehicles where other FPS games are very limited and usually have few or no vehicles.

There are 5 gadgets in Battlefield 4 that I find very useful but don't see others using it to their advantage. So let's take a look at those gadgets and how to use them.

Man-Portable Active Protection System (MP-APS)


Why it is useful

  • Stops all missiles and tank shells
  • Recharges after each successful missile/shell stopped meaning that you can use it continuously
  • When used together with a tanks Active Protection you can almost get away with not even getting hit once
  • The MP-APS Upgrade perk allows you to block missiles for even longer 
  • Gives a really good defense for the Main Battle Tank (MBT) or Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) when placed in a spot where the vehicles will defend from

Summary: The MP-APS is the most useful piece of equipment that can be used for a defensive vehicle. If you are using your MBT or IFV to defend an objective then it can really benefit you to put a MP-APS in front of you and then also have Active Protection in your loadout. The best way to use it is when the MP-APS has been activated then you can use your active protection and then by the time the enemy wants to shoot again the MP-APS should have recharged allowing you to stop all of the enemies shots.

Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor (T-UGS)


 Why it is useful
  • Detects movement in a 25m radius
  • When attacking or defending an objective this will give you the advantage over your opponents by knowing their positions
  • As long as you keep using the Recon kit the tugs will not disappear
  • In Battlefield 4 it is common to have enemies hiding in one of the many spots on a flag waiting for their teammates to spawn on them without you even knowing about him and this will help prevent it from happening

Summary: This is a must when attacking or defending a flag because unlike Battlefield 3 where there was limited areas to hide in, Battlefield 4 has so many hiding spots on almost every flag in the game that you need the T-UGS to "rat" them out. If you and your squad are attacking an objective it's likely you will encounter enemies in good defensive spots allowing them to get the upper hand but with the T-UGS and its massive detection radius you will turn the tides and have the upper hand on your enemy.

Remote-controlled Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD-Bot)


Why it is useful

  • Can repair friendly vehicles without putting yourself at risk 
  • Can damage enemy vehicles without putting yourself at risk
  • Able to arm and disarm Rush objectives
  • Small and agile allowing it to sometimes move undetected
  • Can kill enemy infantry such as enemy tanks engineers that are busy repairing it

Summary: For some this is a toy and for others this is an all-out warfare remote control bot. The most useful scenarios for this is most likely on Rush maps where you can easily sneak past your enemies and arm/disarm the objectives. Not so useful when trying to repair a aggressive friendly vehicle as you won't be able to keep up but really useful when repairing a stationary vehicle because you won't be killed in the action. One thing that makes this gadget really useful is the fact that it can sneak up to enemy vehicles and start breaking them apart with its repair capabilities and you can even stand underneath the tank.

Thrown Motion Sensor


Why it is useful

  • Detects enemies within a 25m radius
  • Really useful when attacking an objective to see the enemies positions
  • Start off with three Motion Sensors at your disposal
  • Ammo packs can restock the Motion Sensors
  • Can throw it to give you a reading on the enemy positions on a location you will be pushing instead of requiring you to be in that location beforehand

Summary: This piece of equipment is very similar to the T-UGS but has its pros and cons. The good thing about the Motion sensor is that you can throw it into the enemy's location and get a quick preview of where they are hiding but the problem is that it only lasts for 25 seconds making it not such a great tool when defending an objective. Unlike the T-UGS you get three Motion Sensors at your disposal making you able to play an aggressive recon.

Remote-controlled 60mm Mortar (M224 Mortar)


Why it is useful

  • Able to kill enemy infantry over a very long distance
  • Remote-controlled meaning you can place it in a good location and go hide somewhere safe
  • Damages enemy vehicles which could cause an irritation for a tank sitting in a good defensive spot or even kill it if its on low health
  • Ammo pack can resupply the Mortar allowing you to harass the enemies until they decide to hunt you down

Summary: The most irritating thing to be a victim of because you have no way in defending yourself if there is no roof over your head and the enemies are usually miles away making it hard to get to them and once you do you only find a little Mortar standing there with the controller nowhere to be found or to just popup and kill you. Really useful when trying to get enemy vehicles out of their defensive positions because they know it can become quite a lot of damage if they stay in one spot and if they have engineers to repair them they might become a victim to the explosive damage.


A lot of people underestimate the amount of useful gadgets that they have to choose from and how effective they can be used to not only help them but also their team.. The T-UGS for example will not help you but will support your entire team that is also attacking/defending an objective. 

Let us know which one of the gadgets above you like using the most!

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