Call of Duty: Championship Qualifiers - Who is going to LA?

This past weekend, on the 22nd of February, we saw one of the biggest events for competitive Call of Duty players as it marked the day of the South African Call of Duty Championship. This would mark the opportunity of a life time, as the winning team would find themselves with a chance to compete for over $1 million in prize money. 


The Qualifiers 

The day started at a roaring pace as the teams were thrust into the first games of the day, which all kicked off at 12PM. As the day progressed we saw some of the well known South African teams move up through the tournament. It was until the semi-finals where the drama kicked off. The two teams to face off against one another were Team Adept and Team Rize ZA.

Team Adept were thought to be favorites for the match, as they boasted a staggering 10 successive tournament wins in most recent competitions. Team Rize ZA, however were a lesser known team and still managed to win against some formidable team like Lost Gaming. Before the match kicked off, however, it was found out that Team Rize ZA had two UK players in their team. According to the following rule this was allowed :

"Players must be at least 18 years old as of January 9, 2014.  Teams must include at least 2 Players who are residents of their qualifying country/region."

Accordingly the match kicked off with Team Adept hosting the first map, which they ended up winning against Team Rize ZA 188-128. The second map was to be played on Team Rize ZA's host, where it was decided by the players from Team Rize that one of the two UK players would host the game. This was immediately refused by Team Adept, thus a referee was called into the game. After a lengthy 40 minute debate, the referee decided that the UK players could hosts based on the fact that she couldn't see that there was any lag. Bare in mind the referee, from the United States, and was making a decision of lag based on a game between UK and South African players. The rest of the scores for the match went as follows: 

  • Domination Sovereign (Adept South African host), Adept Wins: 188-128
  • SnD Warhawk (Rize UK host), Rize Wins: 4 - 6 
  • Blitz Warhawk (Adept South African host), Adept Wins: 14 - 11
  • Dom Freight (Rize UK host), Rize Wins: 152 - 155 
  • SnD Sovereign (Adept South African host), Rize Wins: 1 - 6

Lag experienced during the High 5 vs Team Rize game

So the Finals were to take place between High 5 and Team Rize. Before the matched commended, the same ref from the previous game joined the lobby and therefor ensured that Team Rize would once again be allowed to host their matches on a UK host, besides the fact that the lobby was made up of predominantly South African players. Team Rize went on to win their match against team High 5, meaning that Team Rize ZA were South African Qualifier winners. 

Rize vs High 5

  • Domination Strikezone (High 5 South African Host), Rize Wins: 152-156 
  • SnD Frieght (Rize UK Host), Rize Wins:  6-5
  • Blitz Warhawk (High 5 South African Host), High 5 wins: 17-10
  • Domination Ocane (Rize UK Host), Rize Wins: 126-159

The Outcry 

After the match, the South African Call of Duty console community took to twitter, expressing their outrage. So much so that it gained the attention of the international community. 


Shoutcaster Benson and Pro Palyers Optic Mboze and Curse Killa express their sympathies 

After receiving international attention, a popular Youtuber Keemstar picked up the story and interviewed Adept Damage and Holden ZA on his popular show : DramaAlert 

The Result 

After the matches 3 teams submitted tickets against Team Rize ZA in the attempt to get the match overturned. These tickets were not so much against Team Rize but more aimed towards the referee that made the ruling on the day. 

Since the launch of the tickets, one (that we know of) has been closed for a lack of proof. Since then another was launched with footage showing the lag faced by the players. The other tickets still remain open, thus this leads to the assumption that they are still looking into the matter. 

That being said, Team Rize ZA and the players within have released some Tweets that lead towards them being accepted as the South African Qualifiers winners: 


The email in question was posted on a local gaming website yesterday and stated the following: 

"RiZe ZA, 

Congratulations on qualifying for the Call of Duty Championship! In order to book your travel for the championship, we need some information. Please respond with all the information listed below. If one of your teammates uses a different email than where this was addressed to, please make sure they receive the email and respond to me. Activision and MLG want to get travel booked as soon as possible so the sooner you can respond, the better. 

Additionally, we realize your win has been disputed and the talk of social media today, but you have abided by all the established rules.  

Please reply with the requested info for each player on the team. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you!"

*We are yet to confirm from both parties if the e-mail is legitimate. 


Who is going to LA ?

So far it looks like Team Rize will be going, this comes down to the fact that there has been no real response from MLG regarding the situation, so we must assume the result stands. As Team Rize did nothing wrong, according to the rules, it would be unfair for MLG to rule against them. That being said, the referees decision was not made with any testing or regard of the South African players. 

It seems that there is a case for both sides to the story. Now we have to play the waiting game, but with time running out the pressure for a decision is building. MWEB GameZone has also been in contact with Activision Emerging Markets and Megarom. Let's hope something good comes from this.

Let us know your thoughts about the competition by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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