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Battlefield 4 Tips and Tricks - Main Battle Tank

Main Battle Tanks (MBT) are brutal pieces of machinery that will rip anything to pieces that comes in its way. They are also built to withstand almost anything that gets thrown at their front and side armor  - but once you get behind them, they become a sitting duck. This guide will simply help you choose the best loadout for the best situation so that you become the most valuable player in your team.


Balanced Loadout

heshell.jpg coaxialhmg.jpg activeprotection.jpg zoomoptics.jpg reactivearmor.jpg


  • Very effective against heavily armored targets such as MBT and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV)
  • Coaxial HMG makes it effective against infantry and light vehicles such as quads and buggies
  • Coaxial HMG as well as the HE shell makes the tank able to engage enemy helicopters
  • Provides good defense against both infantry and vehicles
  • The explosive damage from the HE shells that hit a tank can hurt engineers busy repairing it


  • HE shell is slow and has a lot of bullet drop making it harder to hit targets over a distance
  • Coaxial HMG is not very accurate making it tricky to kill infantry at times
  • HE shell alone cannot take out enemy tanks if they have one or more engineer repairing them

Summary: The combination of the HE Shell and the Coaxial HMG offers you a solid advantage in almost any situation that you will find yourself in regardless if you have engineers supporting you or not. Less skilled players will often replace the HE shell with something like the AP shell instead because of its difficulty on hitting targets over a distance but in the hands of a skilled player you will agitate your enemies.

Anti-vehicle Loadout

heshell.jpg staffshell.jpg activeprotection.jpg zoomoptics.jpg reactivearmor.jpg


  • HE shell together with the Staff shell allows the tank to have massive damage output against all vehicles especially MBT vehicles
  • Staff shell is fast moving shell and locks on to enemy vehicles when its close so chances of missing is low
  • Staff shell allows you to hit enemy vehicles that hide behind cover in some situations
  • The explosive damage from the HE shells that hit a tank can hurt engineers busy repairing it
  • Provides good defense against both infantry and vehicles


  • Very limited against infantry as you can only use the shells which have reload times between shots and can run out of ammo quickly when facing multiple infantry and vehicles
  • HE shell is slow and has a lot of bullet drop making it harder to hit targets over a distance

Summary: Merciless when it comes to vehicles the HE Shell and Staff shell works well together as you can easily swap between the two constantly giving you a much quicker burst of damage. If you find it hard to hit with the HE shell over a distance then you can use the Staff shell making this loadout powerful at any distance. Infantry will taunt you when they see that you are not using the Coaxial HMG/LMG because it is quite difficult to kill them with the HE or Staff shell when they are running around you.

Anti-Infantry Loadout

apshell.jpg coaxiallmg.jpg activeprotection.jpg zoomoptics.jpg reactivearmor.jpg


  • Coaxial LMG is very effective against infantry at all distances because of its accuracy 
  • AP Shell is fast making it easy to hit moving targets and targets at a distance 
  • AP Shell is effective against vehicles 
  • Provides good defense against both infantry and vehicles 
  • Very effective over a distance
  • Limited damage against heavily armored vehicles 
  • Coaxial LMG is not effective against buggies and quads compared to the Coaxial HMG 
  • Less effective at close distances
Summary: You will feel like you could open a butcher shop with all the bodies slaughtered around you. The Coaxial LMG and AP Shell are what most infantry fear when facing a MBT. What makes this loadout nice is the fact that you will at least have something to take on the enemy vehicles using the AP Shell. Combining the AP Shell and Coaxial LMG makes you feel like a sniping tank as they have the best accuracy for long distances.


Main Battle Tanks are definitely one of the most defensive and offensive tools making them the most valuable piece of equipment given to a team and with the support of engineers and other vehicles they become unstoppable. Its no surprise that this is called the "Main" Battle Tank because of how dangerous it can be.

Let us know what you think of these loadouts and what you prefer using

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