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Titanfall Uncovered - Everything you need to know

A user on NeoGaf has been tirelessly data mining the Titanfall beta files for any additional information regarding the full game and has discovered a wealth of information including game modes, maps and perks. Today, I bring you all the information discovered thus far.

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Titanfall Game Modes

The list of game modes discovered from the beta data files is more than what I imagined. Some of them look really interesting to say the least and at the moment 10 have been found, which is quite a wide variety:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture The Titan
  • Capture The Flag
  • Hardpoint
  • Attrition
  • Uplink
  • Last Titan Standing
  • Exfilration
  • Elimination
  • ATDM

The video above courtesy of EuroGamer shows Attrition mode, which already looks like quite a lot of fun in my opinion. There is no data available on what exactly ATDM stands for, but if I could take a wild guess I would say it is “Artillery Team Deathmatch”.  

Maps Discovered Thus Far

In the beta there are only 2 maps available namely Angel City and Fracture. However, in the full version there seems to be 13 additional maps discovered thus far. Take not that in the images, because of the way the data was extracted, every map will be called either Angel City or Fracture.



























For a multiplayer only game, I feel as if 15 is the right amount of maps coming with release and there might even be more hidden somewhere that we do not know about just yet. Judging from these pictures, the map pool has a nice variety of settings and I hope they are as fun as the two beta maps seem to be.

Titanfall Tier and Perk Kits

Here are some of the Tier and Perk kits that you will be using when the full game is out. Most of these Tier and Perk kits look so powerful and I can not wait to test them all out!

  Image 2.jpg

  • Fast Autoloader - This advanced autoload mechanism replenishes your Titan Ordnance faster, making your Titan's Ordnance available more frequently.
  • Auto Eject - This system automatically ejects you as soon as your Titan is doomed. You will also cloak briefly on ejection, whether or not you have the Cloak ability as a Pilot.
  • Dead Man's Trigger - Auto-detonates all of your planted explosives when you are killed.
  • Icepick - The 'Icepick' is a modified Data Knife that increases the speed with which you can hack Spectres and turret control panels.
  • Power Cell - Accelerates the recharging of your Pilot's Tactical Ability.
  • Guardian Chip - This upgraded targeting system allows your Auto-Titan to engage enemies with much greater accuracy.
  • Run N Gun Kit - Allows you to fire small arms such as pistols and SMGs while sprinting.
  • Explosives Pack - The Explosives Pack increases your Ordnance ammo capacity as a Pilot.
  • Quick Reload Kit - Accelerates the reload speeds of all your Pilot weapons.
  • Stealth Kit - Makes your footsteps silent, and makes your jump kit exhaust nearly invisible.
  • Enhanced Parkour Kit - Allows you to wallrun and wallhang for increased periods of time.
  • Warpfall Transmitter - Accelerates your Titanfall substantially, using short-range jump technology.
  • Dome-Shield Battery - This piece of kit extends the duration of your Titan's Dome-Shield after Titanfall.
  • Minion Detector - Displays both friendly and enemy Grunts and Spectres on your minimap at all times.
  • Tactical Reactor - This kit makes your Titan's Tactical Ability recharge faster. The Tactical Abilities are Vortex Shield, Electric Smoke, and Particle Wall.
  • Regen Booster - Your Titan is able to regenerate its bodyshield at a faster rate than normal.
  • Dash Quickcharger - Your Titan's dash system recharges at a faster rate, allowing you to dash more frequently.
  • Nuclear Ejection - After you eject, your Titan briefly charges and then detonates its nuclear core, dealing massive amounts of damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Big Punch - Your Titan's melee attack power is significantly increased, inflicting greater damage than normal, and knocking enemies back further.
  • Core Extender - Allows any Titan's Core Ability to remain active for an extended period of time.
  • Core Accelerator - Makes your Titan's Core Ability charge more quickly.
  • Survivor - Your Titan will lose health at a slower rate when doomed, allowing you to fight longer before having to abandon the Titan.

These perks look both exceptionally fun and extremely hard to balance during competitive play. Personally I can not wait to see the Nuclear Ejection in action while I know my favorite will probably be Big Punch, because it just sounds awesome.

Titanfall Beta comes to an end today

For those of you who have not yet tried the Titanfall beta, you do not have a lot of time yet as it closes today, 19 February 2013.

Digital Trends writer Adam Rosenberg states: “Are you enjoying your time in the Titanfall beta? Good. Treasure it while it lasts. The mech-on-mech-on-human-on-human combat comes to an end on February 19 at 6pm PST, the game’s official Twitter feed confirms. The testing period was originally supposed to end on the morning of February 18, but it was also never supposed to be the open beta that it turned into over the weekend.” - Source

I was unfortunately not able to play the beta due to the high download demand of 13gb and a slow internet connection. However, through watching gameplay videos I still believe this is a definite buy when it is released on 11 March 2014.

Closing Thoughts

The information extracted from beta files looks very promising to say the least. In about three weeks time when Titanfall is released, we will be playing through at least 15 maps, 10 game modes and employ a wealth of perks to destroy our enemies! Keep in mind that this data was extracted from beta files so there is a chance that some of the information could be wrong, old or that some of it might just not make it to the full release.

What do you think the game mode ATDM stands for? Which is your favorite Perk discovered? Do you think 15 maps are enough for a game that is multiplayer only? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Sources: NeoGaf, DigitalTrends

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