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Battlefield 4 Tips and Tricks - Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Infantry Fighting Vehicles are fast moving heavily armored ground vehicles with enough firepower to give tanks a run for their money  - if used correctly. These maneuverable machines are versatile when it comes to choosing to engage tanks or infantry and here is a simple guide for  choosing the right load out for the right situation.


Anti-Vehicle Loadout



  • High damage output against ground vehicles
  • APFSDS-T Shells have decent damage against infantry
  • Moving targets can be easily followed with the TOW missiles
  • Good TOW Missile control can take out low flying helicopters
  • Provides good defense against both Infantry and Vehicles
  • Extremely powerful when you have a gunner to take on infantry


  • Hard to focus on more than one vehicle at a time
  • Hard to take out infantry and vehicles simultaneously
  • In some situations TOW missiles can be hard to aim
  • Need to hit infantry head on in order to kill them with the Shells as they do not provide much explosive damage

Summary: They might be known as Infantry Fighting Vehicles but they pack a punch against vehicles with this loadout. When facing the enemy vehicles start off by launching a TOW missile, swap to the shells and by the time the TOW hits the enemy will already be below 50% which allows the second TOW missile to finish him off. Against infantry you will need to hit dead on with the shells in order to kill them.

Anti-Infantry Loadout



  • Can take out infantry almost instantly
  • Able to take on multiple infantry simultaneously
  • LMG requires almost no waiting time except when overheated
  • Canister shell can easily take out helicopters
  • Effective against light vehicles such as buggies and quad bikes
  • Provides good defense against both Infantry and Vehicles
  • Unstoppable infantry killing machine when you have a good gunner


  • Cannot damage heavily armored vehicles such as tanks
  • Not effective on maps with lots of vehicles

Summary: Not the ideal loadout to be using except when you either have a really strong engineer squad supporting you or there aren't really any vehicle threats. The amount of firepower against infantry this loadout gives you is insane and the enemy infantry will start to fear you. The biggest issue with this loadout is that it offers you nothing to take on the enemy tanks making you run away the moment you see one looking at you.

Balanced Loadout



  • Effective against heavily armored vehicles
  • Effective against infantry
  • A lot of explosive damage so can really be effective against enemy vehicle's engineers standing close to the vehicle when under fire
  • Packed with ammo to take on multiple targets in short amounts of time
  • Provides good defense against both Infantry and Vehicles


  • Not very effective against low flying helicopters
  • Vehicles that are focused on taking out heavily armored vehicles will have the advantage over you

Summary: Maps where you face multiple vehicles at once or in short amounts of time will make something like the TOW missile less efficient as it only offers you 2 shots before you need to reload your ammo but with Zuni rockets you can be hammering all of those vehicles with the amount of ammo it has to offer. The Zuni rockets also provide some good explosive damage making it effective against both infantry and vehicles.


It seems that Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a misleading name for this vehicle because it is almost even more effective against armored vehicles than a Main Battle Tank is. This vehicle is extremely maneuverable which will allow you to become a really strong support for your team in situations where they need help. The IFV is also really good in a sense that you don't need to worry about protecting your back and sides like the Main Battle Tank, because you take the same amount of damage all over. I use reactive armor, active protection and zoom optics in all my loadouts as it provides me with good defense against all threats and also allows me to focus my shots better.

Drop us a comment on your loadout!

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