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Ex Call of Duty and Titanfall developers to create: To The Death


A brand new title named To The Death is currently in development from the some of the most recognized gaming developers in the world. They have been responsible for titles such as Titanfall and Call of Duty and now are ready to team up with an indie outfit, Scary Mostro, to create a unique side scroller that they are claiming is ,"a brand new style of game, that you have never played before".  

The Premise 

To the Death's basic premise is that two rival fighters have fallen in battle against one another and now find themselves in the Crawl, a cross roads for past souls after death. The Crawl is guarded by armies of fighters that keep order and maintain balance between worlds. That balance will now be shaken as two warriors have arrived after turning their lands to ash as a result of a life long rivalry against one another. Their thirst for vengeance is so strong that they have broken free in the crawl and now are fighting their way along the masses of fighters to face one another yet again, as killing one another once was not enough. 



To The Death fuses the beat'em up and shoot'em up genres into something new and refreshing, offering a host of fun, innovative gameplay mechanics which will be playable at 60 frames per second. The game will see two gravity-defying opponents running towards each other across a massive plain while battling throngs of foes. By defeating enemies you'll gain power-ups and customize your character on the fly before you inevitably run into the other player and do battle with them. 


The demo of the game is currently available for download on PC and Mac and Scary Mostro is looking for $400K to complete the project, it will add additional game modes and platforms upon hitting various stretch goals. At $500K and $600K the developer will add an infinite mode and four-player support respectively, while $750K will greenlight a PS4 and Vita version. The project is currently being funded by kickstarter, where supporters can donate cash to the development of the title. Currently the project has raised $32,207, but it still has quite a bit of time left as it's got until the 19th of February to meet its target. 

To the Death can be reserved for PC, Mac and Linux for $20, while $40 gets you two copies in addition to a digital art book and soundtrack. It's expected to come out around May 2015.


What do you think of To the Death? Do you think you will be giving the demo a go? If you do let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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