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Battlefield 4 Tips and Tricks - Grenade Breakdown

Instead of storming an enemy behind cover, why not throw a grenade instead? If you have a problem with it then maybe you are using the wrong grenade for the situation so we have made up a list of all the grenades and how to use them effectively.


M67 Frag


Summary: The M67 Frag is the most common grenade in any game except in Battlefield 4 because of the wide variety of grenades you have to your disposal for every type of situation. The M67 does the most damage out of all the grenades but the big problem is you only get 1. A very balanced grenade which is useful for every type of situation but you only have 1 chance to make it work

Recommended Situations:

  • When there is a number of enemies in one spot
  • Enemy hiding in one spot
  • Distracting the enemy because of its time it takes to detonate you can get the jump on them
  • Trying to damage someone inside a light vehicle

V40 Mini


Summary: This is one of the most chosen grenades because you start off with 3 of them but why is that such a big advantage? Put down an ammo pack next to you and you will see endless grenades flying on the map especially maps like Operation Lockers and that is why you will see grenades are banned. Medium damage but it has a very good throwing distance which makes this a deadly grenade.

Recommended Situations:

  • Spamming enemies out of corners
  • With a ammo pack next to you for almost infinite grenades
  • Throwing into area where enemy is hiding
  • When enemies keep peeking down things like alleyways you can spam the grenades to let your team push without being shot

RGO Impact


Summary: You shoot the enemy but he manages to just survive and hide in a corner? Throw this in as it will blow up instantly giving him zero chance to get some health back as the RGO Impact will explode as soon as it hits the ground. This grenade does not do a lot of damage but is one of my favorites because it helps killing enemies that just managed to survive your gun.

Recommended Situations:

  • Throwing the grenade to enemies that are low on health
  • Enemies that are running away as the impact takes no time to explode



Summary: It creates a bright fire that covers an entire area for a few seconds forcing the enemy not to be close to it or they will burn. This is great for stopping enemies from advancing or getting them out of a spot because once this thing falls into your camping spot you have no choice but to run!

Recommended Situations:

  • Blocking entrance points
  • Defending MCOM stations
  • Forcing the enemy to move out of a spot he was camping in

M18 Smoke


Summary: This is one of the best tools that you can have in your team when you are being locked down by enemy fire. Throw in a Smoke grenade or attach it to a weapon for further distance and your team will be able to advance into an area with good cover. This is also a very useful grenade when you trying to arm the MCOM or plant the bomb in Obliteration.

Recommended Situations:

  • Arming MCOM stations
  • Attacking an objective
  • Pushing into an area

M84 Flashbang


Summary: It does no damage to the enemy but has a really bright flash which blinds the enemy for a few seconds giving you the opportunity to rush them and take them out without them even knowing what went on. Also good for when a wave of enemies try to push you, throw a Flashbang and counter push them.

Recommended Situations:

  • Pushing around a corner
  • Attacking enemy vehicle such as a Tank or LAV as it blinds the driver
  • When an enemy pushes you can flash them and counter push them

Hand Flare


Summary: Not the most common thing to see in the game because there aren't really a lot of dark places in Battlefield 4 but one thing that this can be really useful for is when you know the enemy is using Thermal Optics as it will blind them completely.

Recommended Situations:

  • Against enemies with Thermal Optics it will blind them
  • In dark areas to see better


Next time you're on the Battlefield don't just take any grenade but take on that will fit the map and situations you will be in the best and that alone will help you become a better player. Let us know what grenade you like to use and why you like to use it.

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