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MWEB GameZone Interviews Developer of Breaking Point, an Arma 3 MOD

I had the absolute pleasure to interview Wiaan Oosthuizen, a South African who is part of an international development team on the Arma 3 Modification (MOD) Breaking Point, an ambitious Zombie survival game. I have met Wiaan in person and I can tell you that he is one of the most down to earth, friendly people I have ever met, so enjoy reading my interview with him and maybe try Breaking Point out afterwards!

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How did the idea of Breaking Point start and where do you see the game going in the future?

The idea for the original Arma 2 Breaking Point was conceived by Deathly and a friend for the purpose of simply introducing a more player-vs-player (PvP) oriented squad based experience to DayZ.

When Arma 3 alpha was released Deathly was approached by one of our other developers (Frozelda) asking for help in porting something over to Arma 3. That got the gears turning on the idea of porting Arma 2 Breaking Point to Arma 3. At first the idea was to do a simple 1 to 1 port of the original mod whilst correcting mistakes that were made in said original (both code based mistakes and content that we should not have been using/did not have permission to use). As we began working towards that goal we continued finding ways to improve what we had until we got to where we are now. Very little is the same as it was in Arma 2 as we sought to correct our own mistakes and the ones we felt existed in the original mod.

I see Breaking Point becoming one of the leading Zombie Survival Mods/Games. With an intense and terrifying PvP as well as player-vs-environment (PVE) experience.

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There are a plethora of zombie survival games out there, what makes Breaking Point stand out from the rest?

Other zombie survival games seem to focus on the survival/scavenging elements and an overarching theme of post apocalyptic world. We put emphasis on weaponry and variety therein as well as expanding on the zombie portion of the game. DayZ Standalone seems to have a more specific focus and we are taking more of a "jack of all trades" approach while doing our best to maintain a high level of quality throughout. It's ambitious and we are few, but we have a good feeling about the things we are doing. We also have our player classes that is based on the player's current humanity. We have level 1-3 hero as well as level 1-3 bandits but we also introduced two new classes called Rogue and Survivalist. For more info on this check out our wiki page.

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How did you become part of the development team and what are you currently working on?

Not so long ago, Breaking Point had to remove all of the melee weapons, due to some reasons. But I approached Deathly, and told him that i will make new melee weapons for breaking point and so I did. They were very impressed with the new weapons and so I came aboard, and started working on other things as well. Here is one of the weapons you could see in-game soon.

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The members of your development team live in different parts of the world. How has this affected the development process?

This is certainly a big problem, but I don't think that this really compromises the value of work that goes into the development. But it might delay some processes.

As a South African game developer, do you have any other projects you might be working on or interesting ideas for future games? 

Yes, I have another project that I am working on, but it is really early in development, and I don't want to spill all the beans on that yet, but it is a brand new type of first-person shooter (FPS) multi player game, but I will release more info on that soon.

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What challenges have you encountered in the development of Breaking Point and how have you overcome them?

Well there are always limitations to what we can do, because this is just a mod for Arma 3 and we have to work within the limitations of the Arma 3 engine, but we always find new ways to work around the problems that exist inside the engine. I really encourage people to try Breaking Point for themselves. It really is more than just a post apocalyptic zombie survival game. 

Closing Thoughts

Breaking Point is still rough around the edges with patches being pushed out weekly, yet after playing it for awhile I can tell you that it is already in a playable state and delivers a fun Zombie survival game experience. If you have bought Arma 3, the Breaking Point MOD is free to download and play, so I suggest you head over the official website and download it right now to check out some of Wiaan’s work.

Find Breaking Point here: Twitter / Youtube / Reddit | Website      


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