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SA Indie game Snailboy slides onto Android

Cape Town based Indie developer Thoopid has finally released an Android version of Snailboy, their successful iOS mobile game. The studio consists of 5 rather dedicated and playful people (including Snailboy, of course) looking to break into the mobile gaming market. After what was a rather long wait, we can finally get our hands on the game for a paltry R20. Amanda from Thoopid has also notified me that as of yesterday an update has been pushed onto the Samsung Apps service to fix some small issues with the game as well.

For those who don't know about Snailboy, it's a physics-based mobile platformer featuring a cheeky little snail (as you may well have guessed) rendered in lush pixar-like graphics. Gameplay is a little unorthodox in the sense that there aren't any virtual joysticks or touch-activated movement areas on screen, instead you shove, push or shift Snailboy around wherever he is on-screen. You can expect a review from us in the future.


Before you decide to purchase the game for your Android handheld, remember that you're going to need a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4. Any other phone is not supported at the moment. As for iOS, you'll want to use an iPhone 5, as older phones may not be able to take the load required by the game to run well.

We also caught up with Amanda from Thoopid to ask some questions regarding their Android launch:

1.) How are the sales going for Snailboy on the Samsung App Store?

First off, we are super excited that Snailboy is FINALLY on Samsung Apps with the help of 100% Indie’s Initiative started up by Chillingo in conjunction with Samsung Apps to help Indie developers get their games out there. Currently Snailboy-An Epic Adventure is only available on Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 so if you are unable to find Snailboy it is for this reason. Since, we are on a limited number of Samsung devices, sales are a bit slower than we like, but we are releasing an update to Samsung Apps to make Snailboy available on a wider range of devices. 

2.) If there was one thing you'd do better when developing a game for Android, what would it be?

Snailboy is our first game so it has been an amazing learning experience, and we are super pleased we decided to launch on Samsung Apps first for Android. But ideally we would like to launch on Google Play after our exclusivity period with Samsung Apps. Google Play is the largest Android App store so it allows Snailboy to hit a broader audience, but unfortunately for South African developers, Google Wallet used with Google Play for payments, does not support South African accounts. 

3.) Which platform do you prefer making games on?

Using Adobe AIR and the Starling engine to develop Snailboy has made the development process for a cross platform game much more achievable. We chose to launch Snailboy on iOS first because it is pretty straightforward and streamlined. In regards, to Android we have found distribution and development to be a bit more complex. The options for Android are endless in terms of app stores, devices and OS. 

100% Indie has been helpful to introduce Snailboy to the Android on Samsung Apps, but we are additionally planning to expand Snailboy’s availability on other Android App Stores. With the rise in Microconsoles for 2014 Thoopid has also jumped on the bandwagon and started development for OUYA. So to answer your question, iOS is the most streamlined, Android is the most diverse and Microconsoles are a new frontier. We just prefer a platform that people want to play on. 

Have you tried Snailboy yet? Tell us what you think.

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