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Call of Duty: Ghosts Tips and Tricks - Marksman Rifles


Its a brand new year soldier but our objectives still remain the same. That objective is to make you the best soldier that you can be on the Call of Duty multiplayer arena. Today we will be doing so by giving you the rundown of the newly introduced weapon class in Call of Duty: Ghosts, Marksman Rifles. 

Marksman Rifles combine damage with range to make them a deadly opponent on most maps in Call of Duty: Ghosts. You will find marksman rifles especially useful in respawn game modes such as Domination and Blitz, as they are able to lock down areas with relatively high traffic and long lines of sight. Accuracy is the determining factor with marksman rifles, so one of the best things to do is to drop your sensitivity which in turn will up your accuracy over range. If you hit your shots you will be able to output a ton of damage, therefor swinging the game in your favor. 

Marksman rifles are still one of the least used weapons on the battlefield as they are, in most cases, not used correctly. When using this class you want to combine accuracy, patients and cover. If done correctly, you will quickly fall in love with this class of weapon. The question, however, may still arise to which rifle is the perfect fit for you. Well without further delay, lets take an in depth look at the marksman rifles in Call of Duty:Ghosts .


MR 28.jpg

  • Max Damage: 65
  • Min Damage: 34
  • Fire Rate: 600 RPM
  • Mag Size: 24

Summary: The MR 28 is a semi-automatic rifles with an in-built fore-grip that is aimed to reduce recoil. The MR 28 also has the highest fire-rate in its class, which combined with the aforementioned means that it has the best performance at medium range. This comes down to the fact that you will be able to output enough bullets to keep up with most assault rifles. The biggest problem with the MR 28 is its drop off in damage at range which means that it will take 4 accurately fired shot to kill opposition players. 


  • Red Dot Sight (Attachment) 
  • Muzzle Brake (Attachment) 
  • Focus (Perk) 


MK 14.jpg

  • Max Damage: 70
  • Min Damage: 49
  • Fire Rate: 480 RPM
  • Mag Size: 18

Summary: The MK14 EBR has the highest damage per round in it's class, which means that this bad boy will be dropping players in two shots in most cases. The low fire rate means that the MK 14 will not suffer from a ton of recoil over distances, allowing you to keep your aim focused on your opposition. The MK 14 has a relatively slow reload speed, so planning when to reload is crucial.  

Recommendations : 

  • Red Dot Sight/ Acog scope (Attachment
  • Slight of Hand (Perk)  


IA 2.jpg

  • Max Damage: 65
  • Min Damage: 49
  • Fire Rate: 545 RPM
  • Mag Size: 18

Summary: The IA-2 is the all round Marksman rifle as it manages to stand out in its ability to remain consistent. In many aspect the IA-2 is very similar to the MR-28, except the IA-2 doesn't have such a steep drop in damage over range. This means that the IA-2 is faster at dropping opposition players in most circumstances. That being said, the IA-2 does have a relatively high recoil, but the recoil spread is rather predictable as it always goes directly up. This means that when firing the IA-2  you will need to slightly hold down your mouse or analog slightly downward to compensate. The IA-2, however, does suffer from the slowest reload speed, so extended mags or slight of hand is a must.

 Recommendations : 

  • Focus (Attachment
  • Slight of hand (Perk) /  Extended Mags (Attachment) 



  • Max Damage: 68
  • Min Damage: 52
  • Fire Rate: 400 RPM
  • Mag Size: 18

Summary: The SVU has made appearances in various Call of Duty titles as a sniper rifles. In each it has severed as a rifle that takes exactly two shots to take out an opposition player at any range. In Ghosts it is not different to its predecessors, in the fact that its damage has remained the same. The SVU struggles in its rate of fire, meaning that the player will have to be extremely accurate with the two shot kill required. In many ways the SVU is a sniper rifle with lower damage, which arguably makes it less effective. 


  • Extended Mags 
  • Focus 

That concludes the Tips & Tricks for this week, make sure that you have your marksman rifles ready for combat as your about to rack up the kills in no time. Concentrate on accuracy, as the marksman rifles are all about hitting your shots.  

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If you found these tips useful, please feel free to let us know and if you have any questions the door is wide open. You can let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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