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Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman – The Perfect Game

The Action Role Play Game (ARPG) genre has been one of my favorite for many years, having spent most of my early 20’s on the Diablo franchise. Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman combines ARPG gameplay with side scrolling action reminiscent of Mario, which is no easy feat to accomplish.

The game has been released for both Android and iOS devices and is available on the Playstore here and iTunes here. It requires a small download of 28mb, Android 4.0 and is free to play up to level ten, at which point you will need to pay R30 to experience the full game. During my time with the game I used my NexaOrion 10.1 as I picked up my trusty sword and ventured into the world of the Pale Swordsman

The Story – An Epic Tale

You awake on an island called the Wilderness which is being torn apart by a war between the natives and the Imperial Invaders. The natives employ shamanistic magic to wreak havoc on their foes whiles the resource hungry Imperial Invaders who make use of their technology to devastate the island.

image 2.jpeg

As the Pale Swordsman, you are thrown into the conflict between these two factions, taking on the role of a sword-for-hire to anyone who is willing to pay you. The game offers you a variety of choices that can alter the outcome of the story as well as a massive amount of side quests. One of the first choices you will encounter is that of a wounded soldier on the side of the road. You can either slay the soldier, taking his gold or you could run to get help, saving the soldier and receiving another quest from him.

Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman’s main story is exceptionally well paced, which completely enthralled me with the world and its inhabitants in my quest to one day become the Black Swordsman and conquer this beautifully crafted world…

Graphics and Sound – A Beautifully Detailed World

The graphics create atmospheric environments the likes of which I have not yet experienced on a side-scrolling mobile game. Every single level is beautiful and detailed, while your character as well as the hoards of enemies you face have fluid animations. Special effects come in the form of glowing objects, mist and spectacular lightning which help to create an atmosphere like no other.

image 2.jpeg

Every single sound in the game fits in perfectly with the graphics, as every slash of your might sword sounds and feels powerful. Enemy attacks and death sounds are expertly done, while background sounds compliment the graphics, further creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Gameplay and Controls – The Skill Based Bringer of Death

Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman is one of the few mobile games I have played that I can truly say tests a player’s skill. The game achieves this feat by using a gesture based combat system in a fast paced environment. Touching the left side of your screen makes your character move forward or backwards, while swiping on the right side in a specific way will perform a type of attack or jump.

Image 3.jpeg

These gestures used to perform attacks come in many forms, for example swiping up and down slightly above your character will perform high damage attacks, consuming Rage which you build up with the auto attack. Tapping quickly above your character will perform a small jump and an attack which can only be described as a whirling blade of death while jumping and double jumping is achieved by tapping once or twice further above the Swordsman.

image 4.jpeg

Every single aspect of the combat feels fluid and gives the player full control of the Swordsman’s movements and satisfaction when you complete an era, enhanced by gold flying from your victim as the enemy is reduced to blobs of blood as you stand victorious, making the gameplay extremely addictive.

Gold is used to purchase new items for your character while killing enemies and completing quests rewards the player with both gold and experience. After attaining a certain amount of experience your character will level up, giving you three choices which vary from one level to the next on how you would like to improve the Swordsman to fit your style or buff up your favorite attack even further, giving the player a plethora of personalization options while at the same time not overwhelming you with too many choices at once.

Closing thoughts

Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman strikes the balance between an epic story, fast paced combat that requires player skill and graphics that deliver a superb atmosphere while still incorporating a wide variety of RPG elements, creating an absolutely perfect mobile gaming experience in the process.

After completing the game I could not think of one single problem with it, except for the fact that it is so good it might just be too addictive, as I proceeded to start the game from the beginning again the next day and would rather be playing it right now then typing this review. Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman is a must play game, so go grab your mobile device and start playing it right now!  

Score: 10 /10

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