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Multiple Battlefield 4 issues, PC version almost impossible to play

This weekend was absolutely packed with action as gamers all around the world managed to get some sit down time with Battlefield 4. The title has unfortunately disappointed some of the early fans as players have been experiencing a volley of glitches, freezes and bugs. This may have disheartened many, but the crew over at DICE are actively on the case to resolve the known issues. 


In a recent post from the Battlefield 4 developments crew on their forum, they have stated that they have been receiving feedback on several problems that have arisen in the last few days, and now are in progress of getting them fixed. 

In the post that they categorized the issues under several titles, such as:

  • "investigating," 
  • "fix upcoming," 
  • "fixed," "fix rolling out" 
  • and "pending future patch"

Some of the issues being looked at are sever errors that have been caused in the join queue, stating : 

"We're rolling out a server update on PC with a fix for the join queue. As this new server version starts to populate servers, you will notice that server queues on PC will be available again in Battlefield 4. Note that it might take some time before the majority of PC servers are equipped with this fix" 


I personally have been playing on the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4 and I have been dealing with some freezing issues. These have taken place when trying to play on certain maps as well as partaking on some missions. The problem seems to not only be extended to Xbox 360 but other platforms as well as the Dice crew have noticed the aforementioned 'glitch'.  

"Players on all formats have been experiencing game crashes and freezes while playing," the team wrote. "We have logs of the most frequently occurring client crashes, and we are actively working to obliterate the cause of these crashes in upcoming updates. "

Near impossible to play on PC

BF4Central even went as far as to state the the title in near impossible to play on PC at the moment. "It hurts us to say this, but at this point, we wouldn’t recommend anyone getting Battlefield 4 on the PC. Wait until the first patch or two fix these issues. Or get the game on consoles, where it seems to be running great."

Despite having many issues and problems upon roll out, it is still nice to see a quick response from Dice. They had the following to say regarding the matter : 

"We would like to thank all players who have been reporting their issues to us — your feedback is invaluable when making sure we can deliver the Battlefield 4 experience you all deserve."

First DLC announced

In attempts to highlight the multiplayer experience, Xbox held a Battlefield: Showdown where players from Europe took on their American counterparts. More of an marketing adventure than anything, the event did manage to fork out something useful to us Battlefield 4 players and that was the details of the first DLC pack.  

The four maps included will be Operation Firestorm, Operation Metro, Caspian Border and Gulf of Oman - all of them "redesigned and enhanced" to take advantage of the game's Frostbyte 3 engine and the new multiplayer features included in Battlefield 4. The pack will also be included as part of the Battlefield 4 Premium pass.


The Second Assault pack will launch on the same day as both Xbox One and the next gen version of the game on November 22nd and will also be available for the Xbox 360 version of BF4 too, although we're not sure yet whether the exclusivity period keeps the pack just for the Xbox One or whether the Xbox 360 will also be viable to the early action. 

Source: Digital Spy

Have you been having any problems with Battlefield 4 thus far? If so, please let us know. You can do so by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook. 

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