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Gaming Tablet Accessories from CES 2012

In one of my last posts about how CES is going to impact gaming, I mentioned that tablets were going to be a key focus in that area. Not only are we seeing some highly powered tablets from CES 2012, more gaming peripherals are being thrown around. Here are my favourite 3 gaming-specific tablet products from the show floor.

iCade Jnr
Remember that massive arcade cover for the iPad that turned your iPad into a functioning arcade cabinet? Well now they’ve developed it for the iPhone. It looks as if it’s a arcade cabinet out of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, with tiny buttons and a tiny arcade stick. Although it looks a little gimmicky, it’s hard to imagine a cooler desk ornament to impress your boss. Beats those crappy plastic cellphone holders...


Wraparound Gamepad iPhone Controller
If you take your Sonic CD and Side-scrolling platformers more seriously, a miniature arcade cabinet is definitely not your thing. What you need is this sweet wrap-around controller. It fits rather comfortably around your iPhone. Apart from looking beautiful, it doesn’t have any analog sticks, which may have you investigating the next option...


SteelSeries Wireless Ion Mobile controller
This beauty is a Bluetooth controller that works with devices that use Bluetooth. It boasts full button schematics with analog sticks and can run for 20 hours on one charge. This is a powerful controller regardless of what brand of PC, tablet or mobile phone you have.


Razer Gaming Tablet

This is a thing of beauty. Razer have preempted hardcore games making their way onto tablets by developing a gamers wet dream in tablet form. Dubbed Project Fiona, the tablet features controller handlebars, and a powerful i7 processor making this nothing short of a high-end PC minus the keyboard. Who knows? Razer could be launching the console of the future here...


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