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Oculus Rift intended to be free


The Oculus Rift will be available for free. If the CEO of the company developing it has anything to say about it. Speaking to Edge Magazine, CEO Brendan Iribe is hoping that through select partnerships and sponsorships, the headline-making device could be given away for free to the public.

Iribe explained that the company would "love [Oculus Rift] to be free one day, so how do we get it as close to free as possible? Obviously it won’t be that in the beginning. We’re targeting the $300 price point right now, but there’s the potential that it could get much less expensive with a few different relationships and strategies.”

The headset's development team have always considered the Oculus Rift to be a platform on its own and not a peripheral. From that point of view the company insists that software sales could then subsidise the hardware. Elaborating on the concept, Iribe said, "You can imagine if Microsoft and Sony can go out and subsidise consoles because there's enough money to be made on software and other areas, then there's the potential that this, in partnership, could get subsidised. Let's say there was some game you played in VR that everybody loved and everybody played and we made $100 a month - or even $10 a month - at some point the hardware's cheap enough and we're making enough that we could be giving away the headset."

Iribe's idea is commendable, but highly unlikely, given the system's current $300 price point and low production volumes. Even Sony and Microsoft, who gain royalties and licensing fees from software sales sell their hardware at a set price point, how the Oculus Rift hopes to completely subsidise a system seems beyond imagining.

With that said, the Oculus Rift still looks to be a revolutionary piece of kit.


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