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Call of Duty Heist, Not the First

According to GameSpot’s article and translation of the TF1 News Channel’s report, two men with gas masks and knives crashed their car into a van carrying 6000 units of Modern Warfare 3 in Paris and made off with the cargo. Either these chaps hope to make a small fortune on eBay or they can’t wait to get those Xbox LIVE achievements before anybody else.


As bizarre and outrageous as this behaviour appears to be, this isn’t the first time a van carrying Call of Duty discs has been robbed. In fact, it’s almost an annual thing.

Last year, copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops were stolen on the 7th of November 2010 in the Baltimore area in the United States. The men held up the clerks and two customers with semi-automatic pistols. Fortunately, no-one was hurt but the robbers got away with 100 copies of Black Ops.

It’s unlikely that the two incidents are related or conducted by the same syndicate, but it is strange that this is becoming a regular occurrence. If you come across a copy of what is clearly a stolen game, don’t buy it as it only fuels this sort of behaviour on the black market which isn’t good for the gaming industry. Be patient and wait until launch. We’ve been lucky to have no casualties up until now, but that could change. Crime never pays.

If there ever was motivation for Activision to go full-download, the prevalence of this kind of crime should hasten that call.

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