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Review: Naruto Generations Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

(A MWEB GameZone community member review)

I preface this review to say that I have never played any of the previous iterations of the Naruto Generations nor have watched much of the Shippuden anime. So my Narutology isn't that up to date.

There are three modes to choose when you start the game, Adventure Mode, Battle and Online Battle Mode. Lets focus on the biggest part of this game, Adventure Mode.

Naruto Generations Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 starts right after the attack by Pain and ends with the battle between Naruto and Tobi (also known as Itachi Madara). The game will put you in scenarios from the anime and allows you to fight. The fights can vary depending on what point of the story you’re in. Before you begin a fight you get a preparation menu where you can increase your attack, defense or recover some health from the previous battles. Most times it's pretty fun blasting people away with huge ninjutsu arts and the simple fighting mechanic which one button pulls off a combo can be more fun that it sounds. Some characters have weird fighting styles though,  which will make it really annoying to complete. In certain battles you’ll have an option of Legendary or Hero, which decides on the path you’ll take to get to the next battle. Its pretty much superficial as you’ll end up in the same place. There are also quick time events that come into play during fights that present you with some really great looking fight scenes between two or more characters. After every battle you’ll gain experience which gives you more slots for items that can be used in battles, unlocks characters, cards and some other collectibles.


Crazy Character Count

While it's fun to fight, the story is long and really dragged out, I made a cup of coffee and toast, finished both and a cut scene about Naruto's mother was still going strong, there is way too much exposition and everyone just seems shocked by random appearances. In an anime, its understandable, somewhat annoying but still understandable, for video games, the 24 hours campaign could have been cut by half if they just removed all the flashbacks (there are a lot of flashbacks).

The animation in every cutscene is very impressive and you can see a lot of time went into remaking the animated series in three dimensional form.Other than the main story, there are side missions that will reveal some extra bits of information of characters, there are a ton of collectibles in the Adventure Mode which can add more hours to the game if you’re a fan.

The two other modes are pretty straight forward: Online battle where you’ll fight someone online or Battle mode which is local, which have either 1P vs 2P or 1P vs COM or COM vs COM. Not much there. The character choice is pretty insane, over 80 characters to choose from some not in the campaign.The fights generally depend on your skill and if someone is spamming you with the same attack. Annoying , however that's the hits you take if you’re playing fighting games. 

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