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Battlefield 3 breaks records and internet connections - Almost Fixed, says EA


One of the biggest games of the year, Battlefield 3 has already shipped 10 million copies in its first week, with a strong advertising campaign and a decent helping of hype pushing the game to success. EA has recognized that the title has been a smash hit, as it has outsold all previous Battlefields combined. Worldwide it has even beaten other EA major titles like FIFA and Madden.

Battlefield 3's launch was snowed under with online problems, hindering gamers from going online with the popular multiplayer shooter, kicking others and causing wide-spread server issues. But in an interview this morning with Kotaku, Electronic Arts says that after shipping 10 million copies of the game and having more than 2.2 million players log in to play, they think most of the online problems are behind them now.

"We are happy to report that PS3 and PC players experienced server stability all weekend, and Xbox 360 servers are at 95% and climbing," an Electronic Arts spokesperson said in response to Kotaku's emailed questions. "There were a number of different factors that impacted server connectivity across the platforms. Regardless of the cause or platform, our Online teams are standing by to identify the issues and addressed them as they arise. We will not rest until we're at 100%."

Sources: PlaystationLifStyle & Kotaku

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