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Mass Effect 3 - The Fate of the Galaxy rests in your hands.

You've faced Saren's betrayal and saved the Citadel.

You've been killed, brought back to life and have traveled to the heart of the Collectors' lair.

This is nothing compared to what is coming...

The Earth is under attack! The fate of the galaxy and all the life in it, now rests in your hands.

Mass Effect 3 is an upcoming third-person action role-playing game. The game is being developed by Bioware and EA Games is publishing it for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and also PC. It was officially announced by Bioware on December 11, 2010 and is scheduled to be released on March 6, 2012. This game will be the epic conclusion to the Mass Effect series and the end of Commander Shepard's story.

Just like in Mass Effect 2, the choices you made in the first Mass Effect will be carried over into the third installment, as well as the choices you made in Mass Effect 2. These choices are expected to play a much more significant role in the plot of this game. Seeing as Mass Effect 3 is the last of the planned trilogy, the developers are not severely restricted by the necessity of allowing the story to diverge, yet also continue into the next chapter. This will result in a story that diverges into completely different and wild conclusions based on the player's actions in the previous chapters.

If Commander Shepard died in the player's Mass Effect 2 playthrough, the player will be unable to import their save game. Mass Effect 3's story is a continuation of Shepard's story and if Shepard died in Mass Effect 2 that death is considered final. The same will go for any squadmates who did not survive the suicide mission at the end of Mass Effect 2.

The game will follow on from the events of the Mass Effect 2 DLC - Arrival, where after these "happenings," Commander Shepard will be bringing civilizations together to help take back the Earth and to fend off the Reaper Invasion.

Some changes have been made to the Gameplay, such as:
  • Combat in Mass Effect 3 has changed and been refined, however it is not as drastic as the changes Mass Effect 2 made to the original Mass Effect. Melee is playing a larger role, enemy AI has improved and Shepard is more agile in combat, meaning he will be able to roll and leap over ledges without taking cover first.
  • Powers: Larger skill trees that offer a greater degree of freedom when it comes to choosing skills. 
  • Weapons: Any class can now wield any type of weapon, however, not every weapon will be able to be carried at the same time. You can now modify your weapons again using parts, like scopes or barrels to improve your aim or attack damage.

Not only that, but there has been news that Mass Effect 3 will also have a Multiplayer option. 

How will your choices determine the fate of the galaxy? Only one way to find out. 

Here is the trailer to the 3rd installment of Mass Effect... 

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