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MineCraft on it's way to Consoles

Arguably one of the most popular PC games is making its way onto consoles. MineCraft, the smash hit gaming phenomenon will be available on Xbox 360 in Spring next year. That’s around April/May for us South Africans. It’s been announced as an exclusive to 360 and won’t be available on Wii or PS3 which is pretty disappointing.

This is the first of a few PC games that are making a drastic move to consoles recently, with the ever popular Counter Strike getting a console version with Counter Strike GO and Blizzard hiring console developers for Diablo 3. Are developers selling out or is the console a better way of playing games?

MineCraft is an immensely popular, award-winning indie title that made record- breaking sales – While still in BETA. The game doesn’t really have an objective, and is instead more of a creative exercise, an expanse full of dynamic Lego blocks that are used to build, and quite laboriously so, anything that the player desires. The game can be played multiplayer in the same map, as users build objects together using the tools the world has given them. All this while in first-person. It’s an interesting case study, that while in a world dominated by first-person military shooters, a unique and interesting, non-violent game can dominate a large portion of the gaming sphere. It harnesses and promotes collaborative creativity, something few people will frown upon. Simply put, it’s a game that is much needed, and most welcomed on any platform.

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