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Five Reasons why the DDO Rogue is best among Rogues

An article over on Ten Ton Hammer goes into the virtues of the Dungeons & Dragons Online Rogue being better than rogues being presented in other games. Depending on your playstyle the Rogue can offer very many ways of playing in addition to the five over-arching reasons. Suffice it to say that those reasons are amongst others:

Ability to bypass and neutralise traps

Being able to circumvent traps and disabling them for other players in the group to bypass them. Unlike most other MMO's,  traps are integral to DDO's gameplay, and being able to keep your group fresh and trap-free makes the rogue-playing character very valuable here.

 Retrieval of the Good Stuff

Rogues are amongst other things, able to open most doors, chests and other lockable assets found with quests, which isn't a big deal in most other MMO's, but very crucial in DDO. A good portion of the loot obtained from quests and missions reside behind locked doors, within locked objects such as chests, or a combination of both. Rogues PILFER things - may as well have them do this for your group.

Sneaky Sneaky Sneaking

While in most other MMO's where rogues or similar characters have the sneaking ability almost purely as an extension for sneak attacks where double or triple damage is inflicted on a target creature, sneaking is used in DDO for intelligence-gathering (although backstab is of course available to the rogue who so wishes to use it, and of course, we all do when possible). In  fact rogues get bonus XP for not being a mass-murderer, and when playing in a group having a scout doing covert scouting... forewarned is forearmed.

The Swiss-Army Knife of classes

The Rogue character can be configured in a myriad of different ways depending on your combat style, be it ranged combat, closeup DPS, or something else entirely. Additionally, they have the highest amount of skillpoints that can be dished out as a class, so further skill or traits and abilities can be assigned as desired. In addition, the Rogue is capable of using magical devices and artefacts, regardless of the orjginal artefacts class, race or alignment restrictions. Not having a healer in the party or group isn't necessarily a problem with a Rogue and healing wand, or a fellow player is killed. No problem, whip out the raising scroll and get that other guy back in again!

Lonely, I'm so Lonely... NOT!

Lastly the need for the Rogue in the group. Yes there is the heavy DPS Fighter, the healing Cleric, the fireball-dealing Mage in the group, but all in all, the Rogue is as useful to the group as any of the others. Choosing to play the Rogue no longer means being added to the group because they have to - they want to now. the Rogue player rounds out the group and fills a niche, and can act as a backup to almost all of the other classes in a pinch. 

To feel loved and appreciated playing as the Rogue, Play Dungeons & Dragons Online

Original article over at Ten Ton Hammer

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