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eGSA Operation Beta results

After a long battle the 1st of many eGSA competitions is over, ending the competitive Bad Company 2 side for eGSA.

Here are the standings:

1st Place

Team: =NSD= Tombliboos

=NSD= Prokill
=NSD= Anbu-siryn
=NSD= Shizznazz
=NSD= Alpha_Renji

Prize: 4x RAT 5 Gaming mice sponsored by: LandmarkPC


2nd Place

Team: [LBB] Legacy blood brothers

[LBB] Bearded_One
[LBB] __Henre__
[LBB] 2D-Ninja
[LBB] ZeroSigma

Prize: 4x R300 Mastercard gift Cards sponsored by: MWEB GameZone

3rd Place

=NSD= Ninky Nonks

=NSD= 4bsurd
=NSD= Numbhandz
=NSD= Acheul
=NSD= OnryO

Prize: 4x Copies of Medal of Honor for PC sponsored by: MWEB GameZone

Team thoughts:

=NSD= Tombliboos (Prokill)

We had a good run finishing undefeated (besides a few draws) we had a awesome time, dimmed abit by the BF3 beta as that kind of took our attention out of BC2. This eGSA comp was our last competitive game for BC2, moving full swing into BF3. I would like to thank my team mates for making the effort to attend the games.

Here is to Battlefield 3 Cheers  

[LBB] Legacy Blood Brothers (Bearded_One)

We went through the group stages undefeated which was unexpected but awesome, knowing fully that the next round was where the best teams would be waiting. The organization was great, a deadline was given and squads were left to plan matches on their own, which was convenient for everybody. Opposed to there being set times for games and people being unable to make them. The guys worked extremely hard, and in squad rush, every player is 25% of the team. Making teamwork a vital element to victory.

Working together we beat some very big names in the BC2 world, and I'm very happy with the result.

[NSD]Ninky Nonks  (4bsurd)

Was a lot of fun and a great way to round off BC2!
We had hopes of coming in at least 2nd place, however lBB overtook us at the last minute with superior map control.

At least now we can enjoy leveraging the ample tactical opportunities that the rocks and smoke in Medal of Honor (our price for 3rd place) provides.

eGaming South Africa would like to thank all teams that participated in our 1st competition. Also we want to issue a HUGE thank you to both MWEB and LandmarkPC for their continued support throughout this event.

We would encourage all competitors to post their feedback in the comments below

And look out, big things are coming


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