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Project Zomboid Development Setback by Robbery

In South Africa, we’re intimately familiar with crime, especially theft. In the UK, although it exists, it’s not considered as much of a danger and unfortunately indie developer The Indie Stone has fallen victim to quite a serious break-in. Two of the developer’s PCs as well as a credit card was taken, but the worst part of the story is that they didn’t backup their work.

Some of you have been following the their cult game Project Zombiod, an isometric, retro-styled zombie game. If Scott Pilgrim and Left 4 Dead had babies, Project Zombie would be their eldest child. But the disappointing news is that the machines that were stolen from their offices had the latest code on them. According their press statement, they usually backup their work, but seldom off-site. Ouch.

Despite some emotionally charged tweets by Chris Simpson (one of the developers) saying that this will be the end of PZ for good, their press release stated that “Project Zomboid...will come back stronger.”

We definitely hope so. The game looks ultra cool and it’d be extremely disappointing if a project as rad as PZ was cut because of a little burglary. I mean, my house gets burgled at least once every 5 years and I don’t shut down life!

You can download the demo for PC and Mac here as well as purchase the full game for R62,48. No jokes. Maybe nows a good time to show your support.

In the fine survival methodology of Zombieland, I present rule number 68: Always backup your code.

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