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EVE Online CEO addresses players regarding recent events

Eve-Online CEO Hilmar Pétursson posted on the EVE devblog with an apology regarding the recent events happening both in-game and out-of-game. He goes into explanations about the Captains Quarters, the Noble Exchange Virtual Goods store and how the public received them.

He outlines how the new Incarna expansion was their driving force in changing many basic methods of approaching and using the general game interface, especially within stations, how that it was wrong to force players to use these systems especially since many of the features are incomplete and in and of themselves in the current state. He has stated that many components will be reverted to a previous state in-line with their usage prior to the Incarna expansion, e.g, ship-spinning in stations. In addition, the Noble Exchange has always been envisioned as, and always will only be for items which cannot give you an in-game advantage.

He finishes with a firm commitment to listening to the playerbase regarding on-going issues within the game both personally and from a company standpoint.

Original article on EVE Online Devblog

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