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Vaulting - It's More Than Gymnastics

For some reason, okes like to pimp things. Even that phrase exists because of this irrational desire to modify an object, whether it be a car, your house, your PC and even a cave in the Kalahari. This desire has extended over into the console realm and picked up serious traction in the Xbox 360 frontier. Although their are tons of tutorials online on how to pimp your machine, some of us don’t have the time or the energy in our working lives to actually get it done. This is where the idea of the console vault came from.

A vault is simply pretty housing for your console. Other than not really having the time to physically modify your 360, it doesn’t damage the chassis, which is generally a requirement for hardcore modifiers. This usually always breaks warranty. It does quite the opposite: It’s more of a protective skin for your beloved baby.

A series of vaults have entered the market for this end-year purchasing craze. Whether this is a sales gimmick or a potential product-pusher remains to be seen. If they flunk this year, there’s a good chance this idea will be tossed into the massive Microsoft Marketing bin along with Vista and Windows Explorer.

Here are a few floating around this Christmas.

MLG Vault

MLG Vault-Red Eyes.jpg

This one doesn’t require a pre-order purchase or a crazy amount of hoops to jump through. It’s pretty cool with a nifty controller cradle that lovingly cradles your controller and comes in quite a variety of finishes. The issue I have with it is a massive mask on the side that looks like a Combine soldier from Half-Life 2 tried to escape out the side of your 360. The eyes do glow different colours which is pretty sweet.

Battlefield 3 Vault


This hardcore looking vault can be bought with a game for a pretty penny. It has a claymore (Not a real one guys) and a smoke grenade attached to the side. The vault is modifiable, with attachable nameplates and a controller cradle. Also available for PS3 slim machines.

Gears of War 3 Vault


The Gears of War 3 vault is very red with a glowing COG skull on the flank and a controller holder on the right. It does turn your console into what appears to be an Xbox organ--donor-like feature in your lounge. Each to his own I suppose.

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