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Battlefield 3: Insight from the Beta Interview (Gamespy)

Bennett Ring from Gamespy recently did an interview with DICE's Lead Multiplayer Designer, Lars Gustavsson on a lot of the questions that popped up out of the Battlefield 3 open beta. Here are a couple of the insights out of the interview:

Support for Joysticks?

Lars mentioned that it was "something we're looking into" and "It looks like we will be able to ship with joystick support" but he did go on to say he could not necessarily guaranteed that this would be in the launch.

I think all of our flyers will be eagerly awaiting the outcome of this for the launch of the retail version.

In-Game VOIP Support

Ok, we were wondering too, where was the in-game VOIP support? Will it be included at launch? Gamespy wondered the same thing.

Lars' response seemed to indicate that, certainly for the PC, that the VOIP support will not be there.

Command Rose for the PC

Lars: "It is on our list for trying to get in there at launch"

Bullet Damage

Gamespy raised the point that feedback had been received from some people that bullet damage was too strong in the beta.  DICE's designer replied that a lot of tweeking and tuning had been done and "everyone needs to understand that the beta was early code" and that "a lot of the issues that people have raised have already been fixed"

Squad Control

Lars, "At release you'll be able to invite friends, join squads, all the stuff that you need to be able to play with your friends."

Advanced Flight model option for Choppers and Jets

Seems like from the article that the flight model is going to be same in the beta as it will be for the launch of the retail version. Well, there is always the first patch...

Community Insight

Other than some additional discussions around the console versus PC, where the DICE designer remind us that "the consoles are five years old" and that they had "managed to push the boundaries of the consoles to a level where I feel we've passed the competition", the most interesting insight came from a question where Gamespy asked about the biggest lessons learned from the beta. Lars's response was that its "gold for us to get this insight from the community" and think its great that they are listening to the gaming base out there and I hope they take the insight to heart. There are a lot of people in the SA gaming community that are looking forward to the retail launch and I trust they will not be disappointed.

Battlefield 3 Cheats

The one thing that I was surprised that was not addressed by the interview was the issue raised around cheating and exploits in the beta version. Well, I hope they get that sorted out so that the game is fun and fair for everyone. Sure punkbuster was not enabled for most of the beta, but I think there was still more that needs to be done in respect of fixing some of those map exploits, particularly in Metro.

All in all, great interview from Gamespy.

Read the full article here

You can discuss BF3 on the forums here

Battlefield 3

Developer: Digital Illusions CE (DICE)

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Genre: First Person Shooter

Release Date: October 28, 2011 (SA)

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