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Grab Broke Protocol: Online City RPG for free and keep it forever

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If you are broke and you are looking for something new to play, then there is another freebie to take advantage of on Steam right now. The game is entitled Broke Protocol: Online City RPG and it looks very much like a low-polygon GTA Online experience. Broke Protocol is still very much in Early Access and has received mixed reviews from early adopters so far, but hey, free stuff is always lekker.

All you need to do is head on over to the game’s Steam page and click install, then it will be yours to keep forever (or until the inevitable robot uprising occurs) and play at your leisure. There’s no hidden catch as the developer is celebrating the game’s one-year anniversary on Steam and giving it away to everyone who wants it. You have until 19 August to take advantage of this freebie.

Check out the game’s description, key features and trailer below.

About Broke Protocol

"Broke Protocol is a low-poly open-world action game with a strong focus on roleplaying features. You define your own goals and identity in a persistent, interactive, and reactive online sandbox. Currently in Early Access. You can roleplay in limitless ways to gain money, power, and influence in a diverse low-poly world. You start with nothing and have to build your wealth while managing your hunger, thirst, stamina, and addiction levels. Climb to the top of the criminal underworld, or live your life as a paramedic, firefighter, driver, gangster, or law enforcer. You write your own story in Broke Protocol.

Key Features:

  • Supports over 100 online players per server
  • Wide open and continuously expanding city with suburbs, market, prison, marina, military base, and airport
  • Hundreds of AI citizens, police, firefighters, paramedics, and criminals roaming the city streets3D Positional VOIP to talk with other players near you
  • Take on any job yourself to bring order and justice to the streetsAccess interiors with staff, guards, and shopping areas
  • Dozens of usable weapons, guns, tazers, grenades, flashbangs, smokes, seeds, drugs, and restraints
  • Ownable apartments and gangs/territory system
  • Usable cars, trucks, aircraft, boats, and armored vehicles

The game screams GTA Online and even though there are some issues because the game is still in Early Access. However, since the game is free now and it could get a lot better, I suggest everyone grab it, even if you just keep it in your inventory for the time being. I, for one, will be checking it out over the weekend.

Will you be taking advantage of this free offer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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