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Razer Thresher Wireless Gaming Headset Review

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Just last week while testing out the Razer Thresher I realized just how far the Razer brand has come. Growing up, it used to be the budget PC brand and now it caters for the middle to the higher class of gamers. Coming in at R2,499, it is even more expensive than my second favourite headset, the SteelSeries Arctic 5 and double the price of my favourite headset, the PS4 Wireless Gold Headset. So what makes it so expensive and is it worth its asking price tag?

Razer Thresher Tech Specs

  • 7.1 Dobly Surround Sound
  • Retractable Boom Microphone
  • 50 mm Driver
  • 16-hour battery
  • PS4 and PC (Xbox One and PC model available)
  • 12-28,000 Hz Frequency response
  • RF 2.4GHz up to 12 meters wireless range


There are three models in the Thresher range, the PS4 and PC, Xbox One and PC, and the wired Tournament Edition of which sit in around the same price range. If you are looking for the most versatile one then the wired model would be the best given its ability to plug into anything using the standard audio jack. However, I have always preferred wireless headsets to save myself from flipping about wires running across the floor. 

Razer Thresher Design

The Threshers are not trying to be slim and sleek at all. From the moment you put them on you can feel that are bulky and heavy but in a good way. The weight felt just right on my head with the 4-inch earcups cushioning my ears comfortably. The microfibre band underneath the head strap helps keep the headset comfortable on your head without it getting too heavy and the leather-like material across the headset feels soft. It also smells good if you wanted to know.


The earcups get hot and the headset does start to get a bit uncomfortable after a while. The lack of breathing on the cups makes it feel hot and bothersome within two hours of wearing the device. It is not the end of the world but for the price you are paying you would expect better comfort. 

The earcups are also glasses-friendly thanks to the soft nature of the padding being able to form itself around the arms when you have them on. The earcups rotate to a 90-degree angle so you can place the headset flat on your chest when you are not using them and the microphone slides in and out of the socket with ease too. On the sides, you have a blue Razer logo and there is a blue plastic strip across the earcups for team PlayStation. 


When it comes to buttons, it takes they take a while to get used to. The Thresher uses dials to tune down and up your chat and game volume. The thing is, each dial is on a different earcup so making sure you are adjusting the right one in a hurry proved difficult. You can also click the dials in like buttons which happened too often while trying to adjust them. There is also a lag between adjusting the dial and the actual volume changing so it just causes headaches until you know what you are doing. Both my backup headsets have everything on one earcup so it was natural to feel this way. A few days in and I found myself not making the same mistake but I kept on feeling around for the dials.


Razer Thresher Performance

When it comes to sound, the Razer Thresher does more than enough to warrant its price tag. The sound is crisp and clear and the surround sound is immersive and detailed. I played a few VR games and it was a joy to use thanks to the immersion it provided while exploring the deadly corridors of The Persistence. Other games like Destiny 2 were great to experience too. Every shot from a gun was felt through my ears and every small little detail like the squishy walls of a Hive nest squirming around was picked up. I heard things I never did before and the surround sound makes it a listening joy. 


You can feel the power of the speakers inside the Thresher. These 50mm drivers have a kick without overpowering the feedback of the sound to the point where it becomes muffled and distorted. As for the wireless features, it too provided a lag-free, wire-free experience. When in a chat party the headset was able to provide a decent balance between game and party chat and with a quick adjustment of the dials, it was a perfect raiding evening. 

The only issue I mainly had was the lack of any voice feedback while using the headset. The cushions are tight so you struggle to hear your voice resulting in you shouting at times. My main headset, the PS4 Gold model includes a hidden microphone which allows your voice to be fed into your ears so you don't get carried away shouting.


The battery life is also fantastic with 14 hours of heavy use. It also just charges with a micro-USB cable which comes included in the box. Speaking of cables, the setup for the device is simple but strange. It comes with an Optic Cable which you then plug into the back of your PS4 and string into the front of the device where you plug it into a hole in the USB port. I had never experienced anything like it before. It works but it is almost as if my PS4 was wearing one of those strange chain earrings that go from your ear to your nose. 


The Razer Thresher is a great device. Its asking price is warranted if you look at the great sound it packs but its comfort and downfalls when it comes to cumbersome controls and hot earcups makes you want more. Yes, you can get a cheaper headset with a better design but the sound may not be up to standard. The Razer Thresher is a tough sell as it is pricey but if you love Razer then you will love this. 

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The Razer Thresher 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset is available from for R2,338

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