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Sony announces new numbered Limited Edition PS4 Pro console

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In celebration of reaching 500 million PlayStation consoles ever sold, Sony will be releasing a stunning PS4 Pro that will make your wallet cry. There will be 50,000 units of this limited edition console that Sony will ship worldwide.


The console comes with a transparent-like casing in which you can see some of the internals of the PS4 Pro inside. This blue tint pays tribute to the PlayStation brand through the years and it is finished off with a copper PlayStation and PS4 logo. On the front, there is a copper plate with a number showcasing what edition you got when you buy it. this will range between 1 and 50,000. Most attractive of all is the blue LED strip that lights up the console's internals when turned on. 


Inside the PS4 Pro, it will come with a 2TB HDD instead of the typical 1TB HDD model. The bundle will also come with a DualShock 4 that has the same clear blue casing and a blue PlayStation Camera, which is not clear (not sure why). 


We know the console will set you back $499, but we don't know what the local pricing is yet but PlayStation SA say we will be getting it on 24 August 2018. When we know more we will share info. If it does indeed cost $499, expect to pay around R7999 for it. 


You will also be able to buy the DualShock 4 as a standalone purchase and Sony will be releasing a Gold Wireless Headset with the blue look and feel too. As for the release date of all this, you can expect the console and all the accessories to release on 24 August 2018.


Would you buy one of these? Let us know in the comments below. Check out a short trailer of this PS4 Pro below.

You can also see the console being unboxed below.

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