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A tribute to the greatest women in gaming

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It is Women's Month and with Women's Day taking place this week I thought it would be a great idea to pay tribute to the awesome ladies in gaming. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that we should rather focus on things like equal pay and equal rights for a Women rather than having a day off work to pretend that the world is all hunky dory but so are things I guess. In celebration of Women's Day here are some of the greatest Women in gaming that defied the odds and proved that you don't need to be a white straight male to be relevant in a video game. 

Ellie - The Last of Us

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I think we can all say that after Sony's E3 2018 press conference Ellie is more fierce than ever. She is all badass surviving the end of the world, having girlfriends, making out with said girlfriend and then shooting a bandit in the face every now and then. Ellie has only been around in one and a half games up to now but she grew on us from the moment we met her. She has a dark past but young Ellie kept her head up and proved that even during the end of the world you can still put gender aside and kick some clicker behind.

Clementine - The Walking Dead

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Ol Clem has come a long way since her debut in the first season of The Walking Dead. She started as a support character and in the third season, she became the focal point of the story. We have seen her grow from a soft and fearful child into a brave and strong young adult as she takes on the life-threatening challenges of the apocalypse. Her values are in order but she won't take nonsense from anyone in her pursuit to survive. 

Elena Fisher - Uncharted

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Elena has proven that you can be in love, if not even married to one of the world's most popular treasure hunters and still manage to steal the show. Throughout her appearance in the Uncharted series, she has slowly grown into the female version of Nathan Drake and she is pretty badass. To think that things could have been a lot different with her character as she could have totally been just another damsel in distress (sorry Princess Peach) but instead, she has become one of the best supporting characters in the series. 

Lightning - Final Fantasy XIII

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Lightning may come across cold at times throughout her appearances in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy but she means well. She is a determined, concentrated and independent Women at the start of Final Fantasy XIII that only cares about herself and her lost sister Sarah but as the game progresses she evolves into a loving companion. Growing up without a mother, it was a natural personality to develop but throughout our experience with Lighting, we see her become a loving, yet hard young Women. 

Ciri - The Witcher 3

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To witness a character's growth throughout a video game is truly remarkable especially when a developer does it well. Ciri is a perfect example of this as throughout The Witcher 3 we see her become more powerful, mature and a well-rounded Witcher. Sure, you could get the bad ending in the game which is totally up to you but if you followed the correct path and made Ciri happy then she becomes a true Witcher and there is no better future for her. She started as a young child under Geralt's apprenticeship and blossomed into a beautiful lady. 

Liara T'Soni - Mass Effect 

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Mass Effect: Andromeda has no characters ever worth remembering so whenever people ask me who my favourite is, it is no doubt Liara. Not only is she voiced by Ali Hillis, the best female voice artist in the world but Liara also plays a crucial part in the Mass Effect series. In the first game, she is a squadmate that has some pretty cool Biotic abilities. While she was not part of the game much in the second instalment, she was a temporary squadmate during the Shadow Broker DLC in Mass Effect 2. Liara then becomes a main character in Mass Effect 3 and plays a big role in defeating the Reapers thanks to all her knowledge from the Shadow Broker. 

Princess Zelda - The Legend of Zelda 

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Princess Zelda may be the reason why Link always gets confused for being "Zelda" by people who have no idea what The Legend of Zelda is about but we will forgive her. Throughout the Zelda series, she transformed into different personas such as an undercover pirate, a ninja and of course the beautiful Princess Zelda but throughout the games, she has always been a focal point in the series. What makes Zelda so appealing is that she never becomes a burden on Link, rather the story is always carefully crafted to be a story about Link saving the world rather than Link saving Zelda like some sort of Princess Peach. 

Cereza - Bayonetta

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Cereza may make feminists cringe but you have to give it to her, she is flipping sexy. Cereza, also known as Bayonetta has become one of the most popular female video game characters since her debut back in the first game released in 2009. The Women wears high heels with giant pistols holstered onto the side of them for goodness sake and a tight bodysuit. Not to mention she oozes sex appeal as she whisks around the game to some rather catchy music while bashing angel's skulls in. Bayonetta is my favourite female character without a doubt mainly because she is just awesome at being sexy and embraces everything god gave her. 

Sarah Kerrigan - StarCraft

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The story around Sarah Kerrigan's manifestation into the Queen of Blades is truly a catastrophe but to see her character grow across the StarCraft series has been one of the best things Blizzard have ever done in the game. Sarah Kerrigan began her appearance as a psychic in the original StarCraft games and throughout the series, we saw her become the bad lady and evolve a few times and end up becoming the Queen of Blades and then into Xel'naga form. Her journey has been a big push for StarCraft and you have to love her even when she is bad. 

Tracer - Overwatch

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While I don't care much for Blizzard's so-called "Overwatch lore", Tracer has defied the norm when it comes to female game characters. She is proudly part of the LGBT and suffered from chronal disassociation which led to her ability to travel back in time and warp around in the game. While you can sit for hours trying to piece together her lore, she is on this list mainly because she is one of the best mascots in gaming and even as a female lesbian character she is the face of Overwatch and she doesn't care who says what. 

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

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Now it would not be a great Women in gaming list if Lara was not on it. She has been through a few transitions in her gaming career (we will not talk about Angel of Darkness) but she has come out strong no matter what the world throws at her. The latest Tomb Raider trilogy has seen her evolve into a well-rounded Women that has proven that you don't need a giant bust and tight shorts to make it in gaming. The new Lara has been taken apart and put back together to create a relatable character which we all feel some sort of connection with. Lara Croft is more than just a female, she is the Tomb Raider and we just love her for everything she has given us since the nineties. 

Who are your favourite female gaming characters? Let us know in the comments below.

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