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Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars Review

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Ubisoft has a history with DLC packs that deliver shallow, uninspired experiences and while Lost on Mars is somewhat fun, it lacks any sort of appeal to it other than just running around a small open world killing bugs and activating towers. It is everything you used to hate about Ubisoft in one package. But is it not without its pros. I played the entire 3-hour campaign with my brother and there was fun to be had. I could never imagine doing it alone and being subjected to completing it without someone by my side. 

Lost on Mars sees you take on the role of Nick Rye who you may remember is one of the main characters in Far Cry 5's campaign. You get warped to Mars but none other than Hurk Drubman Jr who has found himself sliced up and scattered around the red planet infested by crab-like spider alien creatures. An AI named ANNE works her futuristic magic to transport his conscious into a deadly robot that has a few combat abilities and takes on the form of your friend of hire throughout the DLC. 

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This means that Hurk literally spends every waking moment in the game screaming into your ear with his annoying high-pitched voice. ANNE enlists your help after she claims that the alien crabs are plotting to invade earth. You now need to find Hurk's body around the planet and turn on these facilities that will help power ANNE up in order for her to build her army of robots to help fight to defend earth from the threat. 

Lost on Mars has a handful of activities to complete while turning on all these facilities that are scattered across the hub. Killing crab queens, diving into purple smoke holes that teleport you into a dream where you need to fight and complete crazy hallucinations and there are a few stunts to complete too using your Space Wings which is just a fancy name for a wingsuit. All these activities are basically padding in order to obtain Energy Cores which are used to power on the buildings. Within 20 minutes of playing the DLC, you will probably experience everything it has to offer due to its shallow nature. 

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There are five types of weapons with different versions of each one. These weapons take away reloading in favour of a cooldown. The energy weapons feel great though from the sniper rifle that destroys the crabs in a few hits to the pistol that come with a version that is able to shoot small homing rockets out that target enemies. The shotgun feels great too with a huge range but a large scatter and of course it also has a slug version too. 

You can also upgrade Nick with extra equipment slots to carry extra grenades and a jetpack cooldown, of which are never really used as you just shoot everything that moves anyway without ever thinking about other alternate ways to kill these crabs. 

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Throughout the DLC you find yourself exploring a bland open world in the slowest way possible. Nick has a jetpack that can boost him into the air and make him hover for a short amount of time getting the higher ground on enemies. However, it is a slow and tedious way to get around due to the long cooldown period of the boost and the fact that when you launch into your Space Wings, the wingsuit, it lacks the same momentum as the main game's version and basically throws you into the ground. 

The jetpack does come in handy during alien fights though as jumping around to avoid their spitballs and hovering in the air to shoot their weak red spot on their back is fun and effective. You can also pop a Cock Blocker which is a timed shield and an invisibility item that makes you vanish from thin air for a few seconds too. 

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These perks and combat is fun but the lack of enemies makes it tedious. There are only a few types to fight and they all present the same challenge, shoot and shoot again until they are dead. The only one enemy that is vastly different from the rest is the flying crab and even those are more an irritation than anything else as they just fly above you and crap poison at you. The Queens are the biggest challenge as they have a lot of health and are deadly but after you kill five of them they become a breeze. A little more tactic would have gone a long way here. 

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I loved playing Lost on Mars mainly because it was a great game playing co-op with my brother, a needed break from the constant Destiny 2 grind. However, its fun dries up very quickly and unless you have a partner screwing around with you on the red planet, it would be a lonely fight that will be boring and tedious. There is just very little happening for it. It feels almost like a fan-made mod that is still in early development and the main features are still to be added. It will take you around five hours to complete and you will never go back.

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This review was conducted based on a review code sent to us by Ubisoft.

Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC | Reviewed On: PS4 Pro | Release Date: 15 June 2018 | RRPR159

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