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Lego The Incredibles Review - Not so incredible

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You would think that with only two films ever released a few years apart, The Incredibles would be something Warner Bros. Games would not Lego-fy. Well, they did. In an attempt to rake in on yet another cash grab, Lego The Incredibles is here porting both films into a Lego video game that plays exactly the same as everything in the past and feels just as dry as past games too. The Lego video game series needs a lot of attention as it is starting to feel like that aunt that comes around for family lunch that no one really wants to see but you need to deal with her anyway. Sure, Lego The Incredibles has some great moments but you can feel the soul of the Lego games slowly dying out as they become a predictable series. 

The biggest issue with Lego The Incredibles is that it tries to be unique when the game should have stayed away for a few more years until there was enough Incredibles content to draw from. Lego Star Wars, Harry Potter and even the way back, Pirates of the Carribean all had a large amount of content to turn into a video game, this one, not so much. 

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The storyline takes both Incredible movies and smashes them together to create a massive convoluted mess. Bad voice overs, poor character reimaginings and cheap jokes make it unpleasant. Instead of you experiencing one of the best Pixar films brought to life in a Lego game, you are being tossed around trying to make sense of what is going on and why. It seems like an attempt to make the biggest Lego game with the most playable characters just to show off that it was possible. 

Like every other Lego game from the dawn of time, you take on the role of various playable characters from Mr Freeze to Elastigirl and a few hundred more. Each level you start outside of the open world exploration zone is filled with puzzles and different challenges that make use of each character's abilities. These can be combined with other characters on screen and when you are playing co-op it makes for an enjoyable sense of teamwork. The co-op works great especially when you are playing it with a child as you can carry them through the stage and use your abilities to make them look cool. 

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Where Lego The Incredibles falls short is in offering anything new. It is the same old running around a level, building objects, smashing things, spamming attack buttons and trying to hear what the characters are saying over the loud music and bumbled voiceover track. Other characters from the Pixar universe mix things up a bit with Mike and Sully from Monster Inc. Nemo and Dory and more. But these still feel as if they were just included for content's sake and their gameplay and contribution to the game and story felt uninspiring. 

The game world is great as The Incredibles setting is brought to life pretty well as you explore Municiberg and take on various side quests to trigger the main quest and rinse and repeat. You unlock new vehicles, characters and models like every past Lego game too and the game is not short of content at all. But it is the way it has been delivered that made me step back for a moment to see the true intentions of this game. 

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Everything about it feels cheap from the way the story is told, the way extra characters are brought into the mix, and even the visual glitches and gameplay bugs make it feel like a half-hearted attempt to create a Lego game because we need two a year else profits dip. There is just not enough comedy and cheap knocks to hide the cracks in the face of the series now and the short development time and lack of fresh ideas is becoming a reality pretty fast. 

Lego The Incredibles is the perfect example of how the Lego video game series has fallen from grace. Sure, you kids will be obsessed with it because it is made for them but giving into a purchase means you are allowing Traveller's Tales and Warner Bros. to keep milking the world of pop-culture for their own profit. The game is about The Incredibles and the story, characters and setting make this clear but there is just not enough commitment to make it feel like it was made with good intentions. We need to have higher standards. 

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This review was conducted based on a review code sent to us by Warner Bros.

Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch | Reviewed On: PS4 Pro | Release Date: 15 June 2018 | RRP: R929

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