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Latest CS: GO update brings changes and additions to the Panorama UI and more

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Earlier this week, we reported that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)’s biggest visual overhaul since 2012, the Panorama UI, is easier than ever now for everyone to try out. All you need to do is add a simple launch command and you are set.

I’m sure that a lot of players have been trying it out, judging by some discussions on the local CS: GO Facebook group. In the early hours of the morning, Valve released a new CS: GO update bringing a tonne of changes and fixes to the Panorama UI that many players will appreciate, adding functionality that was missing from the previous build.

Before we get to the Panorama UI changes and additions, all of which you can read below, there is an important note in the update, explaining that: “The functional change to the decoy that shipped with the last update will not be reverted: from here on decoys will be radar-visible by the team that threw it and not radar-visible to the enemy team.”

Further, there are various crash fixes and an update that pertains to all those gambling laws and debates. Steam Trading and Steam Market features have been re-enabled for those in the Netherlands, while both Netherland and Belgium players are being restricted from opening weapon cases. It remains to be seen if this will change again in the future, but hey, at least everyone has an updated Panorama UI and play around with now.

Check out all the changes relating to the Panorama UI in the latest CS: GO update below:

  • Users on Linux and OSX can now also opt-in to Panorama UI by adding “-panorama” to their launch options.
  • Adding broadcast stream panel for CS:GO Minors and Majors in the main menu.
  • Adding link to Steam Market for items in containers.
  • Added ability to use gift packages.
  • End of match scoreboard now reveals other players’ skill groups.
  • End of match scoreboard now has Wingman skill group models in personal skill group display
  • Dead players are more distinct from living ones on the scoreboard.
  • Scoreboard now has per-player voice volume control.
  • End of match mouse control is delayed to avoid clicking out of window and losing focus.
  • Adding ability to enter numerical values for certain settings.
  • Updated grenade icon size
  • Fixed not showing all grenades owned by a player in their overhead UI during freezetime.
  • Fixed friendly decoys showing up on the radar with an odd color and a random number/letter.
  • Fixed friendly decoys showing up as enemy ghosts when they detonated.
  • Fixed wiggly countdown timer while defusing bomb
  • Fixed an issue that caused death notices to attempt to translate player names

The update also brings the launch command option for the gamers on Linux and OSX, which is nice I guess.

What do you think about the latest CS: GO update and the improvements made to the Panorama UI? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: CS: GO Blog

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