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Subnautica announced for PS4

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Probably the greatest survival game I played in 2018 so far has to be Subnautica. Set in the 22nd century, humanity is beginning to colonize planets across the solar system. You take the role of an unnamed person that crashes into a planet and finds yourself stranded in your damaged escape pod which conveniently crashes into the middle of the ocean. 

It is now your responsibility to survive and find a way home while exploring both land and sea to find food, water, and materials to bring your creations to life. Build water jets, food, use bubble fish to create clean, drinkable water and most of all, oxygen to make sure you can breathe in the deepest and darkest recesses of the ocean. 

The game is fantastic, I played it on PC in January and got hooked instantly. The amazing sense of mystery that surrounds the game as you explore the ocean and the sense of aloneness that fills you are you explore the planet. Best thing of all, it has a big sense of direction instead of you just swimming around not knowing what you are doing and why. 

Those of you who have never played the game before will be happy to know that it has been announced for PS4. Panic Button plans to release the PS4 version of the game this holiday season along with a physical edition too, thanks to Gearbox Publishing. 

The announcement comes off the PlayStation Blog where Panic Button teased something special in store just for PlayStation gamers. The game is currently out on PC and in Game Preview on Xbox One so if you want to play it then you can do it on any one of those platforms but if you are a PS4 gamer, like me, then this news is pretty awesome. I am waiting to play the game all over again when it lands on the console in December.

Check out the PS4 announcement trailer below.

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