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CDPR President talks Cyberpunk 2077 development stage and more

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Cyberpunk 2077 was the darling of this year's E3 event. It was the biggest surprise, and the trailer blew us all away. Since it was shown a month ago, the gameplay trailer has clocked in just over 14 million views; the closest E3 reveal I could find was Sea of Thieves with 5.3 million views and Spider-Man with 1.9 million views.

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But how did the developer, CD Projekt Red, experience the reception from fans and critics? In a recent interview with, CDPR President and Joint CEO, Adam Kiciński, shared some of those feelings from the development team, as well as a few new things about where the game is heading.

"The popularity of the trailer broke our expectations," says Kiciński. "So far, the game trailer released on June 10 has been watched on our YouTube channel 14 million times. We estimate that all other channels have been watched by so many viewers. At the same time, it was one of the most-watched trailers from all presented at E3. For us, this is an absolute record and a reason to be proud."

When asked about the next big reveal or announcement, Kiciński explained that Cyberpunk 2077's promotional campaign is going to "take a long time," because for the first time in years, CDPR is presenting a completely new universe to players, and they want to expose as many people to it as possible. "One thing is certain - the strategy of promoting the title is well thought out, and the E3 is just the beginning of a longer story," continues Kiciński.

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The most important news from the interview is where the game is currently in its development stage.

According to Kiciński, Cyberpunk 2077 is in the process of production. He also stated that a team of 350 developers is currently working on the game and that it is the biggest team in the history of the studio. Development is right on track at the moment, but the team still has a lot to do because they "have suspended the bar very high."

The reception from fans so far has been overwhelming, but it also means expectations are very high and that can be a dangerous thing for any game studio. The one thing everyone wants to know is the release date, and CDPR is as tight-lipped about that as ever.

"Anticipating the release date on the basis of publicly available information is the role of analysts and journalists," explains Kiciński. "We, of course, have this date strictly designated internally, but we do not consciously talk about it in public. We will betray it to players when we are ready for it."

Where does CDPR's President see the company in a few years? "I would like the CD Projekt RED studio to have a well-established, strong position in the forefront of the best game developers in the world in a dozen or so years."

For many fans, they are already in that position.

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"Cyberpunk 2077 is in the process of production"

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