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Australian School asks parents to ban Fortnite


I am not a fan of Fortnite and although I want it to be sucked up through an interdimensional portal like the objects in-game to never be seen again, I would never want it to be banned especially when players are enjoying it. Just when you thought it was safe to have a game for all ages, Australian mothers have come around to ask for it to be banned in school, because why not?

According to, an email was sent to them which came from a source in a Sydney-based school. The email asked that parents should not let their Year 5 students (9-10-year-olds) play Fortnite.

According to the email, the school has a few concerns about the game. Number 1, you cannot turn off messaging which exposes the boys to "hundreds of online strangers", or more like 99 of them. Secondly, the game can be played in teams which leads to addiction as players feel like they are letting their teams down when they are not playing. Lastly, so many kids are on Instagram which has a recommended age of 13 years. I am not sure how this ties into Fortnite but it was added to the letter because if you are complaining, do it right. 


One thing the school got wrong is that you can indeed block messaging on all gaming platforms and even disable voice chat in the game too. The email mentions a site called Common Sense Media which is a great place to track trends, ratings and age restrictions on media. The site also gives you clear instructions on how to disable all of this and no matter what console/PC you are playing on, there are measures in place to block messages for your child's safety. 

This is not the first time Fortnite has been brought into the spotlight. In April a petition was started to ban the game full stop. As in get rid of it completely. It has actually gained some traction but it will never do anything to prevent the game's success.

I do believe in controlling kids when it comes to video games but to take it away from them is just wrong. Monitor your child, use the parental controls on your systems. As for the underage Instagram accounts, that is a different story. At least the kids are not on Twitter. 

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