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Destiny 2: How to max out your Moments of Triumph and get all the rewards

Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph

Just recently Bungie Day, which for those who don’t know takes place on the 7th day of the 7th month every year, has passed and Bungie celebrated all their past games and gave us info of things to come. One thing that Bungie spoke a lot about is the upcoming Destiny 2 event know as The Solstice of Heroes. It will begin on the 31 July and similar in fashion to the original Destiny's Moments of Triumph event, Solstice of Heroes will see us having to complete tasks in order to earn points which in turn gives us different types of rewards.

Bungie has gone ahead and outlined these rewards for us and they are as follows. Obtaining your first set of points will get you a Moments of Triumph emblem that will track how many points you’ve earned during the event. 125 points will earn you the legendary ghost shell for the event. At 250 points the Moments of Triumph T-shirt will become available for purchase from the Bungie store. At 300 points you will earn the legendary sparrow. Both this and the ghost shell look pretty sweet. Finally, at 400 points which is the maximum, you’ll unlock the Eternally Triumphant emblem which obviously shows off your commitment and grind in the game. 

Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph Rewards.jpg

There are various ways you can earn points towards your score. These include completing Heroic Public Events, the story campaign, The Spire of Stars and Eater of Worlds raid lairs and there are Crucible achievements too which require you to kill 100 guardians and reach Legend rank in the Valor score. There are a whole bunch more and some that are still not known to us. They will be revealed on the day that the Solstice of Heroes event releases. 

We would presume that these challenges that are still hidden will include completing prestige versions of one of the Raids, perhaps earning a specific amount of score in the Glory playlist, maybe having collected a large variety of items and completed exotic quests such as the Sleeper Simulant and the Polaris Lance quests. 

Take a look at our video below where we break down everything you can earn right now to start racking up points to unlock all the awesome loot. All of this is in preparation for the upcoming Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion that is set to release on 4 September 2018. 

Are you gonna be attempting to fully complete all 400 points worth of challenges? Let us know down below.

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