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South African PlayStation Store prices shockingly double that of Xbox Store - is Microsoft too low or Sony too high?

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This morning while putting together the Darksiders 3 pricing list for the digital editions, I came across something very concerning. The game has been listed for almost half the price on the Xbox One. Yes, literally half of whatever poor PS4 owners will be paying for the game is what Xbox One owners will be paying. I then tweeted about the situation, concerned that there could be a price listing mistake somewhere along the lines. 

For our US readers, keep in mind that in South Africa the price you see on a product/game is the final price. We don't pay anything extra such as tax as it is already included in the listed price. 


Darksiders 3: Blades and Whip Edition is a crazy R620 more on the PS Store compared to Xbox One

I was then tweeted back by Basil Frank (@redtieguy) who alerted me that this was not the only game that has been listed at half the price. The upcoming We Happy Few is also listed at half the price of the PS4 version. The Standard Edition of the game is R570 on Xbox One, and the same game, the exact same game, is R1,069 on PS4. 

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It does not end there though. As I further went into the store and looked at older games, it was clear that PS4 gamers are being robbed blind. That or Microsoft are seriously getting their prices wrong.  Here are a few examples below of titles that are almost double the price on the PlayStation Store. Then if you compare them to Steam, it is just as bad in certain situations. Keep in mind that these games are not on sale and if they are, the original prices are reflected on the listing. 

  • Jurassic World Evolution - R949 (PS4) / R649 (Steam) / R599 (Xbox One) - R350 more on PS4
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition - R929 (PS4) / R619 (Steam) R619 (Xbox One) - R310 more on PS4
  • Prey - R629 (PS4) / R449 (Steam) / R449 (Xbox One)  - R180 more on PS4
  • We Happy Few - R1,069 (PS4) / R570 (Xbox One) - R499 more on PS4
  • We Happy Few Deluxe Edition - R1,205 (PS4) / R668 (Xbox One)  - R537 more on PS4
  • Darksiders 3 Standard Edition - R929 (PS4) / R769 (Steam) / R599 (Xbox One) - R330 more on PS4
  • Strange Brigade - R779 (PS4) / R269 (Steam) / R549 (Xbox One) - R230 more on PS4
  • Strange Brigade Deluxe Edition - R1,199 (PS4) / R439 (Steam) / R699 (Xbox One) - R500 more on PS4

I really don't know what to make of all this, to be honest. It is almost as if some games manage to make it by using an exchange rate from 2008. Either that or Sony is truly taking advantage of PS4 gamers. To think that we have probably been paying double for games and we have not even noticed it yet. Even Steam comes in higher than Xbox One at times and PC gaming is supposed to be the cheapest. 

Paying R1000 for a new release has become a norm these days. Yes, it is high but if that is the price of the game, then it should be around the same price across the board, or at least on consoles. The Xbox Store's price listing is really making me consider moving over. To save R500 to R600 on a game is a lot of money and as a main PS4 gamer, it would mean R600 savings on a few titles per month. Jurassic World Evolution, for example, I wanted to buy but that crazy price has kept me away. I would totally pay R599 for it though. 

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We reached out to PlayStation SA in which they responded "The application of pricing on the PlayStation store is unfortunately not directly in our control. Pricing is managed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.". In a nutshell, they basically told us there is nothing they can do about it. We will now attempt to reach out to SIE themselves to find out what in the world is going on. 

Another route is Microsoft who could be listing the incorrect pricing on their side. If two consoles are listing drastically different prices then something must be going wrong on one end or the other. Darksiders 3 is listed for R599 which is a shocking price given that it has been over ten years since a new triple-A went for sale for that price. There is no doubt Darksiders 3 is a big blockbuster game and not an indie one so why is the price so low? 

Either way, we hope to get an answer from either Microsoft or Sony so we can bring some clarity to the situation. PS4 gamers are unhappy because they are missing out on the awesome low prices listed on Xbox One, which is what has now caused the uproar in the local community. They feel robbed by the digital store and feel that Sony is overcharging them. This is natural given how cheap some games are on the Xbox One store. 

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