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Awesome free new Dead Island game releases suddenly but it is not what we hoped for

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Right after E3 2018, I counted down the top 15 games that were missing from the show. This list included the likes of WiLD, Red Dead Redemption 2 and others. One of these games was also Dead Island 2, which has been missing in action of almost five years now. Well, just when you thought you would never see the series again, Deep Silver has very unexpectedly released Dead Island Survivors.

Now before you all close this tab hear me out. Dead Island Survivors might be a mobile game but from what I have played of it thus far, it is really cool. It is a tower defence game where you play through vibrant levels placing down weapons and making zombies follow a specific path while they burn and get chopped up before they reach the home base. 

The game also lets you control the infamous Sam B, who if you played the first game you will remember was a playable hero. Xian Mei is also there along with some other new faces too. Sam B can be controlled throughout each level and you can attack zombies and smash some brains in using his super attack which is a giant slam in the ground causing AoE damage. 

The game is free right now on iOS and Android and you can give it a download if you are into these sort of games. I downloaded it yesterday afternoon and found myself playing it in bed until around 2 AM. Sure it is no Dead Island 2, but anything that relates to the series is good enough for me right now. At least we know there is still some sort of life shining from the centre of Development Hell. 

Check out the trailer for Dead Island Survivors below. Download the free game for iOS and Android.

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