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Malicious virus wreaks havoc on thousands of Fortnite players trying to cheat


I know you are thinking the same thing as me right now. Serves them right for wanting to cheat.

Rainway, a game streaming service, reports that they've discovered a virus attached to a Fortnite cheat that has infected the accounts of "tens of thousands of Fortnite players." At the time of writing, the number of infected accounts was standing at 78 000 downloads.

The cheat in question allows the user to generate free V-bucks (the in-game currency ), with an aimbot throw in for good measure. What the users didn't know, was that attached to the program was a virus that executed a "Man in the Middle Attack." This means it executes a root command in Windows that forces it to send all Internet traffic through the adware. It also added tags to web pages for Adtelligent, and advertising company.

"Now, the adware began altering the pages of all web request to add in tags for Adtelligent and voila," explains Rainway. "We’ve also put out an alert to all infected users and increased our security by enabling certificate pinning, helping mitigate any future MiTM attacks. In the future, we will alert users when we detect any foreign activity that we think could be a sign of an infection. In total, we received 381,000 reports."

Rainway concludes the matter by urging Epic Games to do more to educate its millions of players about malicious programs and to more heavily moderate YouTube so as to "prevent people from pwning themselves." One could argue that if people want to download programs that will give them an unfair advantage in the game then they deserve that "pwning."

The latest reports indicate that Fortnite has around 40 million players per month, with its concurrent users standing at around 3 million. Imagine the havoc such a thing can create.

Just this morning we talked about Microsoft filing a patent that will detect cheating in games with machine learning. Point in case for that happening sooner rather than later.

News via IGN

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"In total, we received 381,000 reports"

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