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South African-developed game, Semblance, gets a release date and it is sooner than you think


In our E3 special episode of Glitched, we met up with the South African developers behind the squishy game called Semblance. I also got to play the actual game and it was fantastic. Clever platforming matched with a unique puzzle system and art style makes the game something that hooked me from the moment I picked up the Nintendo Switch. 

Semblance is a big deal because it is a South African-made game and to see it making waves across the world is always good news. The better news is that the game has a release date. After saying "soon" for a while now, Nyamakop will be releasing their game to the world on 24 July 2018 for Switch, PC, and Mac. 

In Semblance, you play as a squishy blob named Squish as you bounce around a 2D world. The game is played from a side-scrolling perspective and you need to shape the terrain to create platforms to complete puzzles and survive danger. 

Pre-orders are not yet live for the game on any platforms but you can add it to your wishlist in the time being on Steam here

Semblance is the first ever South African-developed game to release on the Nintendo Switch so it is kind of a big deal and it is making history right here. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on it as soon as possible. 

Check out the latest release date trailer below:

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