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New Steam tool lets you see exactly how much money you've spent


Do you “have nothing to play” right now, but hundreds of games in your backlog on Steam? Then you probably shouldn’t look at this new Steam tool, which allows you to see exactly how much money (in Dollars) you’ve thrown at Steam over the years.

With morbid curiosity, I logged into the new Steam tool and it showed me that I spent a total of $1,158.38, which is R15,863,61 at the current Dollar to Rand exchange rate. Since the exchange rate fluctuates, the Rand conversion total for the money spent on games will obviously be a bit off, but still, it’s a whole lot of money.

Word of warning: If you are susceptible to that feeling of Buyer’s Remorse, you should probably steer well clear of this new Steam tool as there is a good chance you will start screaming “GabeN Staph!” over and over again.

There are three sections as you can see, namely TotalSpend (which doesn’t require any explanation), OldSpend and PWSpend. OldSpend is what you’ve spent prior to when the Limited User Account restrictions were put in place in 2015. PWSpend is all about the money you have spent on games run by Perfect World Entertainment, who is a Steam partner that runs Dota 2 and CS: GO in China, so it doesn’t apply to our local readers.

Check out my results below:  

Silli Spend.jpg

You might be wondering what the phrase Limited User Account means. This is basically accounts that have spent less than $5 in total and are often used as bots, spams, scams and sometimes just people who want to create a fresh account to troll on. The official description of Limited User Account reads:

Malicious users often operate using dummy accounts that have not purchased any games, items, or wallet credit. In order to make it more difficult for these malicious users to spam, scam, and phish other users, we restrict access to certain community features until an account has spent at least $5.00 USD in Steam.

As I’ve mentioned before, use this tool at your own risk, because you might be surprised how much money you’ve spent over the years on Steam, I know I got quite a big shock this morning.

Have you tried the new Steam tool and what’s your damage? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Steam

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