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Bethesda at E3 2018: All the awesome announcements and trailers

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Bethesda opened up their E3 2018 Press Conference in style with a presentation about their business and then, Pete Hines walked on stage for the publisher's fourth annual conference. After some talk about the games Bethesda released in recent times and an announcement that Metacritic named them the top publisher overall, Mr Hines got straight to what we all want to see, the new games and their worlds we will inhabit soon.

Even though the Press Conferences kicked off with RAGE 2, I’m going to start right at the end of the Press Conference because although all the announcements from Bethesda were superb, they closed off the show by teasing two next-gen titles they are working on and honestly, I couldn’t be more excited.


The first is a brand-new single-player game in an all-new epic franchise called Starfield. It is Bethesda’s first completely new franchise in 25 years and the developer has spent years thinking about the game and working on it already.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Then, we have the big one and the best possible way Bethesda could have closed out the show, as they officially announced The Elder Scrolls VI. There’s no release window even for both these games but we now finally know that The Elder Scrolls VI is in the works and the hype is most definitely real.

After you’ve watched both the teasers a dozen times, check out all the other announcements and awesome videos below.


In perfect RAGE style, Bethesda brought singer/songwriter Andrew W.K. onto the stage to perform the game’s theme song in style. Although we’ve already seen RAGE 2 in action, it was a great opening, RAGE 2 is said to be the most insane open-world shooter you’ve ever played, so Bethesda showed off extended gameplay (Eden Spaceport Mission) so we can all bask in the insanity and chaos that is RAGE 2.

The game will release in “Spring 2019” and it looks fantastic.

The Elder Scrolls Legends

Bethesda will be relaunching The Elder Scrolls Legends with enhanced graphics and announced that it will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as well. Those playing on PC will also have their progress carry over to console. The future of the game looks good as you can see in the video below.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls online now has a player base of 11 million and things just keep getting better, with 1 million players joining in the last year alone. Bethesda spoke about TESO: Summerset, the latest expansion released recently, but then announced two new DLC for the game coming later this year. The first DLC is a dungeon one named Wolfhunter, focusing on Werewolves and will release in Q3 2018, while the next story DLC is named Murkmire and will release in Q4 2018.

TESO section was finished off with a new video showcasing the amazing characters and story players will meet throughout their journey in the game.

DOOM Eternal

Out of the blue, a trailer for DOOM Eternal just started playing and the crowd went wild. DOOM Eternal is a follow-up to the DOOM 2016 reboot, teasing “hell on Earth”, twice as many demons and an even more powerful DOOM slayer. id Software will be showcasing more about the game at QuakeCon this year, but until then, check out the teaser trailer for DOOM Eternal below.

Quake Champions

We all know Quake Champions is still in Early Access and you need to pay to get in, but now everyone can join the community with a free trial that will be running for a whole week (until 17 June). If you take advantage of the free trial, you will be able to keep and play the game even after the trial expires, so basically, go grab Quake Champions and play it for free as long as you like on Steam or via the Launcher.


There is a free Prey update releasing today featuring a highly-requested New Game+ mode and much more. A Prey DLC, Mooncrash was also announced and it is launching today! Mooncrash is an infinitely replayable version of Prey, where enemies, loot, everything is just random and you can challenge yourself to no end. The goal: to get off the moon and survive against an ever-growing alien threat.

Further, Typhon Hunter game mode brings multiplayer to the game, where one player tries to survive against 5 others who play as mimics. Typhon Hunter is a tense multiplayer mode that is sure to breathe even more life into the fantastic prey.

Wolfenstein Young Blood

Wolfenstein Young Blood pushes the story forward as a co-op experience featuring B.J.’s twin daughters, but you can play it solo as well if you want. Check out the awesome trailer for Wolfenstein Young Blood below, because we all need some more Wolfenstein in our lives. The game is coming your way in 2019 with no official release window just yet. The game takes place in 1980, 19 years after the events of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Fallout 76

We saw a new trailer for Fallout 76 at the MS Press Conference, Bethesda showed off even more of Fallout 76 as they brought the legendary Todd Howard onto the stage. But first, Bethesda joked around with a Skyrim video, playing on the sentiment that you can play Skyrim basically anywhere.

Fallout 76 is the biggest Fallout game yet, 4 times the size of Fallout 4, set in the hills of West Virginia, an untamed wasteland with six distinct new regions. The game is also by far the best-looking game ever with up to 16 times the detail through new tech.

You play as one of the special few selected to stay in Vault 76 for 25 years and await reclamation day. Bethesda showed off some gameplay of that historic day in the opening of Fallout 76.

The biggest difference from the franchise is that Fallout 76 is entirely online. Yes, you can play the game solo, exploring a huge world, experiencing a great story, levelling up and more. The easiest way to survive, however, is to team up and build things together. It all sounds fantastic and best of all, there will be a Beta later this year and the game will release on 14 November 2018!

For those who love Collectors Editions, Fallout 76 will have one of the best-looking ones we’ve ever seen, called the Power Armor Edition, so check it out below.

Apart from all these big announcements, Bethesda also announced that Fallout Shelter will be coming to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch today. Wolfenstein and Prey will also be getting VR experiences. Lastly, a new mobile game is also in the works called The Elder Scrolls: Blades, which is coming to Android and iOS devices in “Fall 2018” for free.    

Check out the entire Bethesda E3 Press Conference below and then tell us what you think about all the announcements in the comment section.

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